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Samsung Pop-Up Shops Directly Challenge Apple Stores
Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Apple 1 min read 5 comments

Samsung Pop-Up Shops Directly Challenge Apple Stores

Oh, heyyyyyy there Apple. Don't mind us, we're just sort of copying your whole glass shop look right now.

So Samsung – in addition to unveiling a brand new superphone called the Galaxy S3 – is setting up a series of pop-up shops in different locations across the world, including places like the UK and Canada. The idea is to promote Sammy as a retail – not just manufacturing – bohemith.

So far, folks are whining about these stores for ripping off Apple's look. I agree, but do you really think Samsung cares? Samsung literally does not care at all. They do not care if you like their corny advertisements or their copycat stores or their new Galaxy S3, because they know you are going to buy their phones anyway. Samsung IS the honeybadger:

The stores are going to pop up in multiple locations around London first. We'll bring you pics as soon as they're released. 


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  • Apple Apple Apple they come up with some great ideas but they're quality is rubbish and for repairing anything its like pulling teeth.
    Samsung backs up their product and will do what they can to keep their clients happy....this I know because my family & myself have had both Apple & Samsung products and we now only have Samsung aswell as others but will never go Apple again...these little shops will rock.

  • @Nick - LMAO! True that!

    @Jay - Im gonna research that a bit more. 3 OS for one OEM? Smells fishy...EDIT: I just looked up Tizen and OMG. That massive Android fork I saw coming from Samsung...looks like its here. Thanks for pointing me to this. Im gonna get writing an article on it now.

  • Jay May 8, 2012 Link to comment

    And one more thing wat I just read in an article that Samsung has already released their own OS( not Bada it's Tizen) but just initial. I watched the video as well and the UI looks pretty impressive. I think soon they gonna be head to head with android as well.....

  •   8
    Deactivated Account May 8, 2012 Link to comment

    What's the problem? Has Apple patented *glass* now??

  • WOW. Samsung is really getting out of control!