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Samsung Swindles 45% of the S4's 16 Gigabytes

Samsung Swindles 45% of the S4's 16 Gigabytes

Some of you are going to straight up yell out in anger at this piece of news and for just cause too! If you buy a product that boasts that it has so-and-so specifications, as indicated on the box, you expect it to be there with flying colors. New owners of the Galaxy S4 might be in for a nasty surprise.

Galaxy s4 battery
Out of the 16GB promised with this model, there are really only 8 left to use. What a bummer! © AndoidPIT

A common problem among smartphones is that a lot of its storage and memory are used by the system itself. But none up to now has done what the Samsung Galaxy S4 has dared to do: it's using up almost half (45% to be exact) of the available memory right when it comes out of the box.

Here's what we mean:

storage s4 screenshot
We just recieved this and the results are shocking!

Alright, so where did the extra 8 GB go as promised by Samsung? If you opt to get this smartphone, it would be a wise precaution to get a microSD card, because thankfully you can expand the S4's storage via the MicroSD slot. Though other smartphones aren't any better, this might be crucial element to consider before you even think of buying the heralded new device.

What do you think? Did Samsung just totally swindle us out of the promised 16GB?

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  • I could appreciate when OS' were small, or added on by a third party (i.e. PC home builds) and storage was big and expensive that it was acceptable to load it into the storage space.

    Nowadays you can get 32gb on your little fingernail for a great deal less than 1 £/GB. Therefore, an 8gb chip would add no significant weight or cost and would significantly add to its sales proposition. If Samsung went to market saying "16gb of free storage space" They'd get HUGE kudos from the technorati in their reviews and I guarantee they will see many handsets returned by (quite rightly) disgruntled users who can't work out why there's 7gb missing!

    It's over-promising to say it's got 16gb of storage space as much as it would be to publish the weight excluding the battery. If there is data taking up a large proportion of the provided storage without which the phone cannot function and the user had no option to remove then that storage space has not been provided. It's simply misleading and virtually a lie that I think would have a realistic chance of standing up in court, were it to go there. At the very least, this needs to be in the fine print on advertising.

    I'm just delighted I got a 16gb card thrown in for free for pre-ordering!!

  • My1 May 3, 2013 Link to comment

    that's why it's a Samusng S4 and not an HTC one or so, you can stick a card inside for pics etc. I have almost only Apps on the int. storage of my N2...

  • Almost 50% is too much if u will use ur S4 to be ur only equipment to carry with u. Even 8 GB is still not bad, but higher photos resolution and more music will soon use it up.

  • Generally I would say Android JB got just too heavy.
    I tried 4.2.2 for one week now, the version from CM (#10) and it is so complex now, all the settings and gimmicks. I better have an extra app for what I need instead of having all the stuff overloaded. I now went back to GB 2.3.6 on my P1000 - which is fortunately available. For owners of new phones they have only the choice of this overloaded OS.

  • My1 May 2, 2013 Link to comment

    the calculation thing was for a comparison to a manufaturer I rly dont like, but I know from a friend that he hast 29,xGB on his junkPad which is a lot closer to the real space coz they store the system seperately.
    also almost 6GB for the system is a bit very much compared to the fact that many custom ROMs have only100-200MB and the Donwload for the German unbranded firmware from Sammobile has "only" 1,7GB (attention that is really much especially when you have just a DSL1000 like me where DLing this much takes about whole 5 hours...

    maybe the sys partition is just oversized for KLP and future...

  • @Philipp Junghannß

    Even knowing that is true, at the rate of 1GB = 1 million Bytes, 16GB would be 14.9GB so they still have some explaining to do.

  • The heads up about how much internal space it ships out the box is actually good. Thanks for that. But it would have been better brought across as an announcement instead of "Samsung Swindled...." Really, how did you expect them to put in all those command and air features without using up more space?

    As an aside, I really do think that the OS should be stored separately or internal space increased and partition so we can REALLY get our advertised internal storage.

  • Hello to the U.S and Germany (I am also German).

    Nice discussion here.
    I was living in the U.S., now in the Philippines and of course in Germany ;-)

    Point for Philippines (at least for me): there is mostly no branding!
    Maybe this is also because 80-90 % are prepaid customers here but also when you have a postpaid plan there is no point to get the phone with your plan, it is simply much cheaper in shops, "subsidizing" is unknown here.
    When you have a credit card you can also pay for your phone in instalments from 6-24 months. Indeed, spending 4-600 Dollars is a lot.

    I remember back in Germany that the worst branding is made by Vodafone (software and also outside it said 2-3 times "Vodafone" printed on some modells).
    This was very disgusting.

    Branded phones do really have a bad support: the Tab P1000 by T-Mobile (I got the U.S.-version here) got only Froyo while officially they released GB 2.3.6 for it.

    I think just get a phone and flash it with Odin with a firmware from sammobile.com.
    I did this and some time later I had a hardware defect (display and also main board) and there was no problem with the warranty at all.
    Rooting might be a different case, I am not sure with the warranty there.

    I had a "Pantech" phoen in my hands a while ago, it seemed to be like a copy of a Galaxy S1 or S2 (something between) from Verizon.
    It was so limited: only 2GB of memory and a smaller camera (3MP) but the rest was 100% Samsung.
    Any idea about this company?
    Why would they also produce so different hardware and downgrade, especially in the U.S.?
    If you have one model it might have less production cost (hardware) than producing more and mote variates.

    Also my former "T849" which is actually a 100% "P1000" was downgraded: they just took the dialer out on the original firmware (texting and internet was possible) but now with Gingerbread I was just able to add the dialer and also vhange the modem so it would work on UMTS 2100 MHz which was only 1700 MHz.

  • My1 May 1, 2013 Link to comment

    ok I think it is really bad what the carrierers in the US do EVERYWHERE in the world you can kill your Branding of a Samsung just by flashing the non-branded Firmware of the device you own and sometimes you can even get faster Updates e.g. German T-Mobile had (using the Note 2 as example) since the out of the box release XXALIJ only one Update to a more recent version (XXDMB2) and the most recent is the DMC3 release, unbranded got 6 Updates...

    most of the Users are crying about that there are so many smartphones out there, so why can US Providers make their own Phones (and sometimes even with not a Sim-Slot but with a biult-in one, which angers me even more), it annoys me so much especially when US ppl ask in some mod's topics "can you make it working for <insert carrier here> phone?

  • @philipp

    we have access to unlocked international phones but I'm not going spend $600 - $700 for a cellular phone, I have a family and would rather keep it in my pockets plus I don't want to have Play Store restrictions.

  • My1 May 1, 2013 Link to comment

    @Jon what's up with the AT&T dialer? as my name may suggest I am in Germany and therefore I have no access to american carrier phones. but one main question that I really want to be answered. are there Provider-Free Phones in America, in other words can you buy the normal GT-I950X???
    also dont you rather mean Sprint than spring?
    ->Americans are crazy, ALL Providers over the world have a normal software-based branding, but no JUST in the US the Providers think they are better and HAVE TO put out a whole new phone...

    @Thomas Will
    I dont think they're always bashing Samsung. at least in the German divsion some ppl even called ap "SamsungPit" coz they had too many "Samsung is nice" Articles (in their eyes)...

    @AP Team
    I would really hope to see that in German AP, that will be a nice discussion, and here in english AP is is one of the rare more-than-5-Comments blogs...

  • Im one of the people who got the S4 on launch day and I took it back the next day thinking it was defective.

    first., the dialer !!! like seriously WTF !! I can even begin to tell you how Fked up the dialer is--Im heading over to the Samsung "Experience" at Best Buy Union Square to check again at what I was sure was an entirely different dialer on the S4s they have on display vs the shit I got from AT&T. might check spring and t-mo variants also.

    second was the lack of memory !! I was totally shocked at this and had I known before hand I would have either waited for the 32GB version or gotten the HTC One instead.

  • Justin, I am pretty new here (I am new but not pretty ;-) ) and only got a couple of daily newsletters but they were SO NEGATIVE!

    I myself made bad experience with Samsung, yes.
    One Galaxy S3 dead after 18 months, 2 dead main boards, 1 display.
    Galaxy Young: 1 dead main board,
    Wave II: ok, only new firmware due to not starting.

    I have to say: I have now a slightly used Galaxy Tab P1000 (so aold actually) and I am so happy with it! It is a phone, a tab, it has better camera features than the new ones (a flash, which Tab 2 and 3 do not have!), and for a single core it runs like a horse!

    No, you are not whining.

  • Thomas Will, I have to agree with you. They do seem to be slamming on Samsung a lot lately. If you are writing an article write it about the product not personal opinions of said product. And if we are writing things about how bad they are where are the other products that suck?
    I also love this site sorry if it comes out like I am whining.

  • Does Andoitpit have a certain tendency to talk always negative about Samsung products?
    This week there was this article why you won't buy the Galaxy Tab 3 and now negative news about Samsung again.

    In some way I cna understand Androidpit:
    Samsung is playing with "big" numbers: MegaPixel, GigaByte, RAM, solution etc.. and wants to beat Apple with this features but then this is not everything:
    Apple has just a great software engineering even though they are very innovative anymore but they don't take the risk.

    I remember a TV ad in the U.S. many years ago comparing the Nissan Sentra (?) with the BMW 3series: more horse power, bigger trunk, etc.
    Question of the day: which of both would you buy?

    Oh: I am not an Apple-Fan at all.

    Samsung products in our household: 2x LED TV, 3x Galaxy, 1x Wave, 1x simple phone
    several hard disks in computers as I guess...

    Apple products: "0".

  • My1 Apr 30, 2013 Link to comment

    if you ask me they should make it a bit like (sorry) apple, I heard they save their system on a memory aside from the user mem, so they have the full capactity (dont forget that 1GB is Byte in the industry so you get about 1/16 loss)
    this is really bad, they should either label the usable space (for non-rooted users ofc) or write how much space the system takes...

    there was a weird story where a person sued microsoft for taking up 16GB of his Win8 Tablet resulting in 16 and 48GB for the 32 and 64GB variants respectively...

  • If the others are the same why the need to question buying an S4 because of it? Not logical.

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