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In Latest Ads, Samsung Uses Sex to Sell the Galaxy S3

NFC technology is great, especially when you want to share a sex tape. That's the premise of Samsung's latest Galaxy S3 ad, in which a frisky wife sends a sexy video to her husband, descreetly, just by bumping phones with him.

To be fair, Samsung is also advertising NFC as a great way to share family-oriented videos as well. Maybe it's the combination of sharing both a family video and a sexy video in this ad that makes me feel a bit weird. What if this dude opens the wrong file on the airplane? Quelle horror!

Samsung also released another clever, NFC-themed ad. In this one, a date goes awry when a man accidentally plays a Spice Girls song on his stereo via his smartphone. But not to fear, NFC is here! All his date needs to do is bump phones with him to share more appropriate date music (SLOW JAMZZ). Then the two get on to sexytimes.

I'm not gonna psychoanalyze these commercials to death, but it's clear Samsung is trying to trigger our reptilian brain so that we'll associate Android with babymaking. It is working, I must say, since I have a sudden urge to sext everyone I know via NFC.

In any case, it's far more creative marketing (and less objectifying) than just having a bunch of pretty girls hold up your newest model at a trade convention. 


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  • I do not like your ads. I would not buy your product because of your ads. In a day and age where our kids are inundated with so much crap it's companies like this that contribute to the dumbing down of society. I am responsible for helping kids identify how the media is using them and sending them negative messages. Your ads will be included in my class.

  • Hey I live in SIN CITY (Las Vegas), where Sex is used to sell just about everything (& obviously it works, or tourists would not flock here to gamble & let cleavage on 2 legs serve them drinks) ....

    If Samsung wants to make clever ads? I say GO FOR IT (I've seen worse adverts during the Super Bowl) ....

  • I like the new--- sex-appeal. Smart move

  • I'm going to educate my wife about NFC ;-)

  • Sex in Advertising Leads to Excited Shoppers = S.A.L.E.S

    We should be thankful I am not part of the Samsung Advert team. I would have gone overboard and used a uber hot korean wife with Psy as the husband and Gangnam style as the theme.

  • you never know, it pull in all the newly wedded couples. we are talking about humans after all :P

  • Atlas Oct 25, 2012 Link to comment

    Stupid Samsung. But awesome Samsung phones :P