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Report: Samsung Hired College Students to Ridicule HTC Online
Samsung HTC Hardware 2 min read 3 comments

Report: Samsung Hired College Students to Ridicule HTC Online

Did Samsung play dirty in Taiwan? © Samsung

According to the AFP (Associated Press of France) an investigation has been launched against Samsung in Taiwan after a claim was made that the Samsung hired Taiwanese students to make fun of HTC in articles posted online.

The complaints say that the articles attacked HTC's newest phones while recommending Samsung's Galaxy S4, according to Taiwan's United Evening News. Writes the AFP:

Complaints emerged this month, with Internet users alleging that Samsung, through its local agent, had hired students to write online articles attacking HTC and recommending Samsung cellphones, the United Evening News said.

When asked about the allegations, an official at Samsung Taiwan said the company had not been informed of the investigation by the Fair Trade Commission.

Samsung hasn't formally responded to the charges, but the company issued a statement on their Samsung Taiwan Facebook page, saying the company regretted "any inconvenience and confusion from the Internet event." 

"Samsung Taiwan has halted all Internet marketing such as posting articles on websites," the post read, which sounds like an admission of guilt to me.

If Samsung is found guilty of defaming its competitors online through shady means, it could be fined up to $835,000 in a Taiwanese court. But the real damage to company will be to its reputation. This kind of dirty behavior is what one might expect from a young and insecure start-up, not a global smartphone titan. Does Samsung feel so threatened by the HTC One that they are resorting to dirty tricks?

More on this story as it develops...

Source: AFP


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  • WOW ! Strike one against Samsung & some great marketing for HTC (who doesn't need to acknowledge this erroneous act, HTC does need to make sure they don't do something as ignorant as their stunt @ the Samsung Galaxy S4 event in New York ever again, though) ....

    Apple / IOS are irrelevant (and that is Apple's fault), would be a shame for Samsung to sink to Apple's level when all they need to do is deliver a great product and acknowledge their competition for having a great product, too (want to fight it out? Then do so by offering your product @ a discount price) ....

    C J

  • I think a story like this is better advertisement for HTC than they could possibly put together.
    If Samsung sees them as a bigger threat than Apple then they are indeed making high quality products and worthy of consideration.
    This story makes me think that Apple and iOS are becoming irrelevant.

  • If anyone from Samsung reads these articles I would like for them to realize that their good reputation will continue to be good as long as they are.
    The only way to get a bad reputation is by being bad, by using tactics like these.
    If HTC makes a good phone they will get sales, Samsung will still get lots of sales, maybe a few less, Apple will also get a few less... maybe Samsungs sales could even increase as people adopt Android over iOS?
    By the way, I just bought a Samsung BluRay Disc player with WIFI yesterday, and a Samsung 32" LED HD flat screen, to go with my Samsung 52" HD Plasma TV and my Galaxy Note... I also plan on buying the Note 3 when it comes out... it doesn't matter to me if HTC makes a good phone, I already trust Samsung and will stick with it until they start taking short cuts and making junk.