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Samsung's Fanboy Problem: Why So Many Are Biased Against HTC

Samsung's Fanboy Problem: Why So Many Are Biased Against HTC

Never have I ever encountered a backlash like the one I received when I suggested to readers of AndroidPIT that there are more than a few reasons why one might prefer the HTC One over the Galaxy S4.

One commenter told me I had my nose so far up HTC's ass that he could see the "skid marks". Another told me that AndroidPIT was biased against Samsung and he would never read the site ever again. Others yelled at me that the HTC One doesn't have a removable battery or expandable SD storage, or that the difference in pixels between both displays were so minuscule that they didn't matter.

When I pointed out that many reviewers have lauded HTC's LCD displays over Samsung's AMOLED, because its capable of more subtle color gradations, the crowd went silent. When I posted images which suggested the HTC One's Ultra Pixel camera might perform better (even in daylight), I could practically hear the crickets. How dare ANYONE say something even SLIGHTLY critical of Samsung?

Are We Just As Blind as the Apple Fanatics?

I've written before about Apple fans and their herd mentality, but I'm beginning to think Android owners are no better. We like to think of ourselves as more objective than our iPhone-owning friends, but when it comes to brand loyalty, we can be just as blind as those we profess don't know how to "think different."

Sure, there are plenty of reasons to not like the HTC One, which lacks a removable battery, expandable storage and a number of innovative features present on the Galaxy S4, including Smart Stay, Sound & Shot and Group Play.

But the outrage over the idea that ANYTHING about the HTC One might be superior to the Galaxy S4 shows that many in the Android world need to reexamine their own ability to make objective decisions when it comes to buying a new smartphone.  

Since When Does Samsung Have a Perfect Record?

Let's not forget that Samsung has made a lot of junk in the past, and not just mid or low-range models. There was the Galaxy Note 10.1 disaster, for starters. No company is immune from mistakes, as Apple's Maps fiasco can attest. The smartphone graveyard is littered with entries from former titans, like Blackberry. Manufacturers are only as good as their latest model.

But apparently the Galaxy brand has become so entrenched in the minds of consumers as a "solid" model, fans are loathe to admit its shortcomings.

Competition is Good

The HTC One is a great phone, I think we can all agree. And for a company that's barely posting a profit, which might not be able to survive unless the HTC One thrives, it's strange to feel as if some are actually rooting for HTC to fail. Don't people realize that if HTC dies, Samsung will face almost no competition? Not only could Samsung get lazy when it comes to design, they could also start to cut corners in other areas as well. 

Competition is good. If HTC lights a fire below Samsung's butt, that's good for everyone.

I know that some people are now going to accuse me of being biased towards HTC, but I'm really not. I love my Samsung phone. I've also loved HTC models I've owned

But just because the Galaxy S4 is looking like it might be the best model out there, doesn't mean it's going to be the best model for everyone and doesn't mean it's going to be the best in every single category. For those who complain about the HTC One's memory, for example, it's worth remembering that the phone will cost $50 less for double the memory of the Galaxy S4.

Let's crown the next winner objectively, and not because we think Samsung is inherently "better."

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  • That's why I support LG instead. They make phones that perform like Samsung's; yet, they actually listen to their consumers and take cues from past failures. That's where the Optimus G and Nexus 4 came from. The Nexus 4 is arguably the best-looking Nexus phone released, and the Optimus G is a combination of the One X's dazzling screen with the internals of the Butterfly. Heck, the Optimus G Pro walks all over the Note II.

    I choose not to fuel the anti-HTC gang and the Sammy fanboys.

  • What Note 10.1 fiasco!?!? That was an awesome tablet.

    I'm a Samsung fanboy but mainly because they're the only ones who've remained true to what made Android great to start with. While the rest have moved to Apple's business plan of tiered storage and closed batteries, Samsung still gives me the options that helped make Android great.

  • @Jon Garret
    I totally agree with you. The materials caused me to give my iphone 4S away. I hate the cold and heavy feeling of iDevices like iPhone and iPad. Last week I got the iPhone 5 from a colleague and played around a little bit. I did not see anything new... everything seemed stretched... just a 4S after resizing it with a rack. iOS seems to be the same since iOS 3. The same boring icon structure. You can not move icons where you want them without filling any homescreen position from the top.
    And as a fact, I don´t like the HTC One. I get in touch with it last week and I felt the same... cold... heavy weight... It´s not a massive device... it doesn´t weight to much... but it´s the feeling I don´t like...
    If I get to jail, I would prefer polycarbonate window bars ;)

    So, I decided (after viewing samsung S4 presentation for 30 minutes) to preorder the new galaxy. My S View cover arrived yesterday and it is pretty thin and featherly light... (hope this is what "nearly no weight" is in english^^ - german).

    Does HTC make prettier phones than samsung? I don´t think so. Beautiness and Elegace are matters of taste, aren´t they? And in my opinion, Samsung - and only samsung - hits my taste

  • I prefer Samsung because of what they put in their phones., pretty aluminum bodies do not matter to me one bit.

    I also think people need to STFU about the S4 looking like the S3. the last 4 iPhones (including the upcoming 5S) ARE the same phone but you dont hear apple fans complaining or apple doing anything different since summer 2010 !!

    does HTC make prettier phones than Samsung, I think they do so why is HTC nearly bankrupt and Samsung sells more phones than any other company in the world?

  • This is a dilemma I too have been struggling with.
    I own an GS2 and would confess that I am a fanboy to the bone.
    YET - with the release of the GS4 I was really disappointed in the design.
    The features are insane but this looks no different from a GS3 - really
    They bring out a flagship and it looks exactly the same as the previous model?
    - some one needs to light a fire -
    Being disappointed with the design of the GS4 I started looking for other phones - something that is more SQUARE - and found the HTC One - I only upgrade in December, and actually hope that there is a new model on the horizon more acquired to my taste.
    Till then I lean towards the HTC simply from a design point of view.

  • This is very well said. I will probably be the first to admit that I'm a Samsung fanboy. I'll always check out the Samsung first. I own a GS3 and a mini 2. I got my wife a Note 2 and I use a Tab 2 7.0. But even so, competition from the HTC One and others like the Xperia Z is a good thing. They are good phones, and better than the GS4 in some departments. These guys need to succeed and carry the Android flag together with Samsung, else we will be faced with an Apple-like predicament: a longer and longer iPhone and a bigger and bigger Android but nothing much else in tech progression...

  • alex Apr 17, 2013 Link to comment

    no device of company arrived Sony xperia as they magic company need body just understand this company they are Really magic

  • Ti Mo Apr 17, 2013 Link to comment

    Steven for president!

  • Great article, I agree 100% i will take the phone with the best tech inside and the best screen and design on the outside. I could care less who makes it hell if Apple made a kick ass android phone and it was better than the rest i would buy it.!!

  • I am speaking from a point of comparison. I have traditionally had Samsung for personal phones and HTCs for work. The problem I and my colleagues have had is buggy software and varying call quality. My HTC Desire Z is admittedly a bit old now but the reception is pretty bad compared to my Galaxy S 1, the call quality is nowhere near as good and the software is laggy to the point that it keeps doing random things such as disconnecting calls and randomly bringing up menus. This also happened to my colleague who has a more recent HTC Desire X, which while a major improvement over my Desire Z still has a few software issues to the point that hes asked me to ban HTC from our work approved list of phones and has gone back to using his iPhone. I have recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini from my Desire Z and I think unless HTC make a major splash it's unlikely I'm going to move back. There you go experience from both sides rather than blind loyalty to one brand or another.........

  • i love samsung but i love big phones i have a note if htc makes a htc one 6" ill pay any thing they ask

  • I, too, have noticed an interesting bias towards Samsung. Ok, we get it - "its got a removable battery and SD Card slot and Samsung's plastic is totally ok, cause we're gonna slap a case on it anyway" - good for you.

    I'm not totally against Samsung. I own a Samsung Ultra book, which I love, but when it comes to cell phones, there's no way I'm passing up the new HTC One, which I'll be picking up on the 19th, thanks to in-store preorder.

  • In the android world u should not be biased toward a specific company

  • I can't speak for everyone, but this girl likes her Samsung phone and tablet. But to take sides and say any of the others are better or worse is ridiculous. They are not all perfect for each user.

  • Well said....I am definitely one of those fanboys.....I love my S2, and often laugh at my dad for owning an htc wildfire s, but i never wished for HTC to close down........As much as i hate HTC, I also cannot deny the fact that One is One of the best smartphones this year...........
    Competition is always good.......
    Federer vs Nadal
    Messi vs Ronaldo
    If there are no rivals, then there is no fun in the sport
    Samsung vs HTC is clearly the best rivalry in the Android Industry.........
    Here's wishing HTC a year full of profits............
    Thank You,
    -Samsung Fanboy!!!! :P :P :P :P :P

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