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Save the Puppies

Save the Puppies

Please help! Someone’s gone and nabbed a bunch of puppies! Has Cruella De Vil had her fill of dalmations and branched out to include other dog breeds in order to satisfy her lust for puppy-fur-coats? Whoever the culprit may be, one thing is for certain, and that is that the sweet little puppies are missing, so help Save the Puppies!


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.3 1.5.2

Features & Use

Save the Puppies starts with a vista of an empty alley or street. A van appears from the depths of the night. The driver gets out, makes his way into a house and starts reeling in every puppy he can get his grubby hands on. The next morning the mama dog searches everywhere for her sweet little babies, but in vain. It’s your role to help the mama dog find her puppies!

The setting looks a bit like a garden and the mama dog (a wiener dog) has to get past a number of obstacles to get to her puppies who are locked in a cage. The dog can walk left and right, backwards and forwards, though sometimes not all of those options are available. The dog paws on the arrow buttons will tell you what to do.

Bones are scattered along the way, and the dog can collect them for extra points. The number of steps the dog takes is also important: the less steps she takes to reach her puppies, the higher the score. An internal ranking system lets you know how you're doing

Aside from bones you will also find that the path is littered with sausages which the dog can munch on. This will help her grow until she becomes a sort of bridge. She can also shrink in size and become quite tiny.

I really enjoyed Save the Puppies overall.


Screen & Controls

Save the Puppies is very easy to navigate. There are instructions for every step of the way, and controls are nice and simple.


Speed & Stability

Save the Puppies is overall fast in performance, aside from the few seconds the game needs to load at the very beginning.

While the app struck me as pretty stabile overall it did simply close on one occasion.


Price/Performance Ratio

Save the Puppies is very sweetly made AND it’s free. Cool!



Save the Puppies Save the Puppies Save the Puppies Save the Puppies

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