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As a smartphone user, there's always the same problem: the battery never lasts long enough! Since mobiles have become a media and communication tool, battery life has become a critical element. Screen Standby ♯ Root can help to significantly save battery by deactivating the display without having to put the device in standby mode.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.99 Rev 2 2.0

Features & Use

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Android version 4.1.2
Root: yes
Modifications: no

Details about the app
Applicable for Android 2.0 and up
Installation size: around 1 MB
Ice Cream Sandwich or Jellybean optimized: yes

Network communication
system tools

Authorization summary
There were no abnormalities within Screen Standby ♯ Root's authorizations

Since I've been an Ingress player for a long time, I've constantly had the following problem: the app needed a data connection, GPS and CPU (or graphic performance). And all of this, all of the time! On top of that, the ''Augmented Reality Game'' would only work when you opened the app and had it active in ''point-chasing''. Each normal mobile phone battery would melt like butter in the sun, even if the Galaxy Note 2, which lasts way longer than most other devices. And as soon as you deactivate the display, the app doesn't run anymore and you can't accumulate any energy. I found the solution for this problem on Google+: it's called Screen Standby ♯ Root. The principal is simple, but genius: the display gets deactivated, but the device is not in standby. My Ingress game keeps on going, though the display is deactivated. This allows you to save a huge amount of battery.

Screen Standby ♯ Root functions basically like any other app, which stop running in standby. A deactivated, or rather extremely dimmed display (depending on the device and the display technology) saves a whack load of energy. Unfortunately, the functionality is also a double-edged sword: Though this worked fabulously with Ingress, the video window with YouTube was still showing. It also didn't work in the mode where the app automatically starts with certain applications. This function is therefore deemed ''experimental''. Like I mentioned earlier, the results depend on the device and display technology. Testing something out first is always a must and it can be taken care of in a few minutes. Galaxy Note 2's AMOLED screen works the best with ''Zero Brightness'' and ''Persistent blank frame''. What happens is that a black window is activated and fills up the entire display. Then the AMOLEd black pixels are not longer lit up, which has the same effect as a deactivated display. What's more, you can also deactivate the functions, that activates and deactivates Screen Standby ♯ Root, if you hold your hand briefly over the device's sensor. By the way, the touchscreen works even with a deactivated display! The app is also very practical if you attach the device via HDMI to the TV. If the device need to remain active, then you can at least save some battery.

Bottom Line

It's certain that the device is not free of errors, however it's a big help when saving energy. Screen Standby ♯ Root should definitely be tested first. If your device isn't rooted, there is also a mode that will test to see whether it will work on your device or not.

Screen & Controls

Screen Standby ♯ Root is mainly composed of a main menu and an options menu. These are quite clear and are set up in holo style just like Google apps. On the other hand, the individual menu points are not completely self-explanatory.

Speed & Stability

Rating this category is really difficult. Whether Screen Standby ♯ Root works or if it good depends on each device. It's for this reason that I can't give the app high marks here. My recommendation, like previously said, is to test this app out first.

Price/Performance Ratio

Screen Standby ♯ Root is a free app in the Google Play store. The App is financed by ad banners, which can also be deactivated in the settings. That was a really good move.


Screen Standby ♯ Root Screen Standby ♯ Root Screen Standby ♯ Root Screen Standby ♯ Root Screen Standby ♯ Root

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