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Second Hand Market Has The Hots For Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3
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Second Hand Market Has The Hots For Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3

Anyone who purchases a smartphone would do their utmost best to make sure it remains protected from knocks, drops and scratches - and this is where a smartphone protective case comes in. After all, there is money to be recouped in the second hand market, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 from Verizon seems to perform the best among all other Galaxy S3 variants from different mobile carriers in the second hand market.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 from Verizon Wireless will most of the time hover around the $395 mark for folks who want to pick up a second hand version - fully unlocked, of course, so that you need not be tied down to a mobile carrier that is not of your choice. While Verizon’s Galaxy S3 takes the lead in the second hand market in terms of desirability, AT&T’s white version is in second place, retailing for approximately $407 thereabouts on average.

One does wonder, just who comes up with this kind of stuff anyway? Well, Movulate.com are the ones who compiled this data, and from the data, one can infer that the white colored version is more popular than the Pebble Blue model, outselling the latter by 24% - all the while carrying 3.2% more value than the Pebble Blue Galaxy S3.

As for the Garnet Red version of the Galaxy S3, it is the lowest selling variant, although it does have retain some value at $428, whereas T-Mobile's Marble White version of the Galaxy S3 is a worth a dollar more on average. No idea on why Sprint's Marble White version is the least valuable among the traditional ‘Big 4’ carriers in the US, retailing for approximately $330.

Which Samsung Galaxy S3 version would you gun for in the second hand market?


Source: Christian Post

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