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Apps and a gadget to spice up your sex life on Valentine's Day

Apps and a gadget to spice up your sex life on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day is this Friday and whether you celebrate or boycott it, it makes us think about how Android affects our love lives and even the more intimate moments. Does technology and even more specifically Android have a positive or rather negative effect on this part of our lives, whether it’s about finding a soulmate or simply for some sexy times or just a person to keep us company during those long winter nights? Here are some apps and gadgets that could indeed spruce up your love life or even get you one, just in time for Valentine’s day!

androidpit valentines day
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Lovense: the long distance love toys

Long distance relationships or having a partner that is often away on business can be the pits, which is why Lovense sex toys controlled by an Android app is a gift from the sex gods themselves. There’s a toy for ‘’him and her’’ called Max and Nora where couples stimulate by each other via the Body Chat app. Even if you can’t be together on Valentine’s day, it doesn’t mean things can’t get hot and spicy remotely. The toys are safe, waterproof and work via bluetooth for ‘bi-directional control’. It’s based on action-reaction: when one person's uses theirs, it sends commands back to the other and vice versa for real-time interaction. the Lovense isn’t just available for Android, but also iOS, Windows or Mac computers, so that your operating system doesn’t stand in the way. The toys cost 159 USD each, while the app is free.

© Lovense


To keep things intimate between two parties, Between, an Android social app for couples, is perfect. For both your eyes only, you can share photos, chat, send voice mails and a personalized schedule just for things you want to do together, all of course top-secret. You can pour your favorite photos and memos into your own memory box as well as take advantage of offers via the Event box to plan that next awesome date.

androidpit between
© AndroidPIT

Sexy Vibes

I wouldn’t say that this is the best sex toy that you can get, but if you are a little short on cash these days, here’s an app that actually turns your own smartphone into a personal toy. This may seem a little odd, but Sexy Vibes actually comes with different modes like ‘fluffy bunny’ or ‘washing machine’, which are user-submitted. Quoting from some users, it’s better to remove your phone cover and to use over clothing, not that I’ve tried this myself, of course. The app also includes live text and voice chat, some classy music and customizable themes.

androidpit sexy vibes
 © AndroidPIT

iKamasutra Lite

If you lack imagination or would like to grab a few new ideas, iKamasutra Lite already holds an enormous following who love the app’s diverse positions all tastefully drawn. You can track your progress and search for positions by controlling sliders for intimacy, complexity and strength. There’s even a to do list so you don’t forget and a serenading sitar to keep things flowing. Feeling indecisive, there’s a shake function that will randomly pick a new position for you and if you really are interested in the topic, you can keep personal notes for each one for next time. There’s a share function for social networks and emailing, but you might just want to keep this on the down-low.

androidpit kamasutra lite
© AndroidPIT

Install iKamasutra Lite from the Google Play Store


When you start using a dating site for meeting new love interests or even just friends, the worst thing is signing up for one with few users. You need to go big or go home with dating apps, so that’S why we’ve listed the top in dating apps, Badoo. With limitless choice, you are bound to find someone that tickles your fancy. In fact, with over 200 million users, you can use this app from your Android smartphone and your PC and find people nearby in over 180 countries and 20 plus languages.

androidpit badoo
© AndroidPIT

Install Badoo from the Google Play Store

Sex Drive

If your significant other has an iPhone and you want to explore the depth of iOS’s intimate apps, then check out Sex Drive. The app plays two different tones with slightly different frequencies played in each ear separately. When your brain syncs with these frequencies, it produces binaural beats or tones which actually increases your sex drive. Unfortunately the app isn’t available for Android, but dating a iOS user could actually have its benefits.

androidpit sex drive
© Jakub Koter

Are you planning on doing anything for Valentine's day?

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  • iMaC74 Feb 13, 2014 Link to comment

    No Comment 😍😘

  • Thanx for the quick response. I too tried a lot to find something similar but all I got was iDoser (looks like it provides such audio for different requirements) and a few youtube links. Have a look at it if you feel :)

  • I wanted to try the last app (I dont know why I am getting some content message when typing the name) but sadly I dont own an iphone. Is there any similar app for android? Or any way to get those sound tracks?

    • Hey Saem! I looked a lot for a similar one, but I couldn't find one sadly. I just couldn't pass up adding it here because it seems really cool.

  •   16
    Deactivated Account Feb 12, 2014 Link to comment

    I'll start using iKamasutra Lite next week. Let's see if it's good. :-)

  • Ohh feelin' hot already!

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