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Silent mode is the biggest current Lollipop issue, say users

The super shiny sparkly Android 5.0 Lollipop update has started to appear on a number of devices and people have been getting to grips with the quirks of the new interface. In our weekly poll, we asked users what their biggest quibble with the Lollipop was, these are the results.

Android L 5 lollipop 4
What is the biggest problem with Lollipop for users so far? / © ANDROIDPIT

Ultimately, there was quite an even spread of votes amongst the Android problems, but it was interesting for us to see "battery drain" so high up on the list. This was something Lollipop was said to improve, not hinder. Google touted an 10% battery improvement average across the board for devices updating to Lollipop, but early reports suggest this might not exactly be the case. 

The "silent mode" is something else that has irked people too, narrowly beating out battery drain to top our list. You would normally expect that repeatedly pressing the volume down button would turn your phone onto silent mode, but this is not the case in Stock Android Lollipop. Instead, the device must be turned into "no interruption" mode, at the expense of the LED notification light.

androidpit lollipop annoying features poll result
Lollipop doesn't seem to have any one major flaw. Thankfully.  / © ANDROIDPIT

The lower results are quite an even spread. The merging of Chrome tabs is an easy fix, so it's maybe not such a surprise that this is only a minor complaint. The same goes for the infrequently used flashlight and status bar ticker. The recent apps scroll received a larger share of the votes, and seems to be quite a polarizing subject. Some say it's inconvenient, others that it's unnecessary, and many that it's just not very clear. 

The poll article's comments also gave us some good ideas of some other places that Lollipop was going awry. From the slow response time, to the app drawer's off-putting background color, to the necessity of using "two-swipes" when unlocking a handset with a pattern - it seems Lollipop's complaints are widespread, even if they aren't exactly big problems. 

These are just some of the issues we've happened across so far. Is there anything else that disappoints you about Android 5.0 Lollipop? 


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  • Sometimes I feel like these ROMs are developed by people who don't use smartphones at all. Is it that hard to take good things that already exist and build upon that? Obviously it is...

  • i can understand their think of a no interuption mode, but that is one feature that is so simple an "normal" to use, that we have gotten used to..but why take away the LED notification, it does not disturb anyone..we should have the option to choose.. long live custom roms and third party apps!

  • Silent mode is crucial to me unfortunately I need a way of being notified of emails when I am in meetings but I cant have vibrate on. Im sticking with KitKat until there is a way of bringing silent mode back.

  • These all seem trivial, except battery drain, of course.