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Sing-a-Long: All I Want for Christmas is a New Android Device
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Sing-a-Long: All I Want for Christmas is a New Android Device

OK folks, Christmas is just around the corner. And as we're munching on our Turkey tomorrow, I’m sure most of us will take the opportunity to make it clear what we want for Christmas. You know, the old “Wow Mom, great Turkey and very tasty stuffing. Hey, did I mention that the new Nexus 7 is just $199?”

I don’t know about you, but my kids are hitting me up already with Christmas wishes. So where are you at, and what do you want?

I personally would like to have the Nexus 7. First I was drooling over the Nexus 4. But since the update to my old S2, the Nexus 7 is looking sweeter and sweeter every day. I was in one of our local media and electronics shops here in Germany and played around with the N7. Wow, light, great screen and smooth. So I let it drop on my wife last night (no waiting for Thanksgiving dinner here). I said, “You know, your mom and dad always spend a lot of money on dress shirts for me (I’m a business guy- argh). Actually I’m good on clothes this year, why don’t you guys pool your money and get me a new device and some accessories?” She kind of smiled- the one smile I don’t really appreciate–and said, “I’ll talk to my mom, but you know she doesn’t like all that technology.”

This was a bit of a letdown but I am not even close to giving up. Her dad and I talk a lot and he understands me, or at least I think he does. So like in Star Wars – Father in law, “You’re my only hope.”

Enough about me. What are your Android Christmas wishes, a new phone, a tablet or maybe a cool accessory for your current device?

Most importantly, to what extent are you prepared to go to make your Christmas wish come true?


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  • Yeah I know, the economy is horrible right now.... But since we can still afford to buy tablets we are good :) And the islands are indeed beautiful but I'm so used to them that they I'm bored of going to greek islands every year -.-
    I'd prefer to live in Germany or France. I've been to the capitals of both countries and they're really great.
    About the nexus 7, I don't think it is ever gonna be available here, at least not directly by Google.

  • I would wait for the Nexus7. I have played with it and it is very nice. The price here in Germany is very reasonable. By the way, I love the greek islands. You're lucky, though the economy is not good the islands are lovely.

  • Thank you :P We're probably going to get a 7 inch tablet for my dad anyway. Right now he has a 7 inch chinese tablet with a resistive touchscreen that runs Froyo -.-
    Since the Nexus 7 isn't available in Greece where I live (only the 8GB version is available for an outrageous price) and my dad doesn't really care about processing power and multiple cores, I was thinking maybe we should get the ChildPad for him xPP

  • Anna, good thinking. You very quickly rationalized the need for three tablets - Cool !


  • Yeah maybe that's too much... Initially I couldn't decide between getting the TF300T or the Note 10.1 because I wanted a tablet that could replace my laptop but I also wanted a tablet I could draw and sketch with. After a lot of hard thinking I decided that replacing my laptop was more important since I can always use paper and pencil to draw (which also results in much better drawings for me). So I could use my TF300T as a laptop, the Note 10.1 as a sketching and drawing device and the Nexus 7 as a tablet I can easily carry around with me and borrow to my dad :)

  • Hi Anna, what would you do with all those tablets??

  • I wanted a Transformer TF300T but I already got that :) Well, I'd also like a Nexus seven and a Galaxy Note 10.1....

  • Hi Richard, great idea !

    I hope to give a Galaxy S3 to my wife. My kids will get lots of new fun games and apps!

    I see this Ouya console is really hot. I would like to have one too

  •   9
    Deactivated Account Nov 22, 2012 Link to comment

    instead of telling what we going to hopefully get, let say what we are going to give people.
    im hoping to give a nexus 7 to my younger brother
    in case you guys are interested in knowing what I want:
    nexus 4
    ouya console
    keyboard dock for my tf300
    StarCraft 2 (yes I'm a StarCraft 2 fan)

  • Well, I hope to get the Nexus 7 for Christmas :-)

  • chinu Nov 22, 2012 Link to comment

    oh.. .....

    so whats u gonna buy and end with ?

  • Chinu, nice list. One of the items I have, -and I am drooling over the other five...

  • chinu Nov 22, 2012 Link to comment

    List starts here

    SGS 2
    Android ouwya gaming console
    Note 2
    NEXUS 7
    And finally NOTE 10.1