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5 signs that you're a smartphone addict

5 signs that you're a smartphone addict

Smartphones have, for the most part, improved our day-to-day lives. But even such wonderful technology can become bad for us if the way we use it is left unchecked. If you always need your smartphone for company in the bathroom, find yourself walking into lamp-posts and tripping over small dogs in the street while you're texting, then you may be suffering from smartphone addiction. We're here to help you (and also laugh a bit). Here are five telltale signs that you're a smartphone addict.

1. You walk into street furniture while texting

Lamp-posts, bins, small dogs, and people. All these things become invisible when you're absorbed in a riveting WhatsApp conversation with a friend - until you collide with them. Maybe our eyelids will one day evolve to rest further back in our heads, improving our up-down peripheral vision and allowing us to see ahead while text-walking, but until that day comes, no one is safe.

Smartphone-related accidents are on the rise. It's so serious that in Nevada, America, police have begun fining people who text while walking. The UK - quite literally - tested a softer approach a couple of years ago by putting padding on lamp-posts along Brick Lane in east London.

androidpit smartphone lamppost x3
A lamp post is no obstacle for a smartphone addict determined to text while walking. / © ANDROIDPIT

2. You go to the toilet with your smartphone

'Going' to the bathroom is usually an intimate experience. The reason there are locks on the doors is so we're comfortable in the knowledge that we're disconnected from the outside world. Despite this desire for privacy, we increasingly feel the need to take our smartphones - one of the most 'connected' gadgets in the world - to the toilet with us.

Whipping your smartphone out to keep yourself entertained in the loo is bad enough. But have you ever desperately needed to go, made it to the toilet, realized in horror that you've forgotten your smartphone, then ran all the way back to fetch it before finally locking yourself away? If so, then you're suffering from smartphone addiction. At least you're not alone, as a study by address-book site Plaxo found that 19 percent of all smartphone users drop their phones down toilets. Something tells us it's not because they slip out of people's pockets.

cellphone addict 1 2
Smartphones and toilets - the magical combination. / © ANDROIDPIT

3. You rely on Google in conversations

You're sitting around the dining table with a group of friends, when someone says something that causes disagreement in the group. Back in the olden days (pre-2008), this would trigger a discussion, where everyone puts forward their own point of view until some kind of resolution is reached.

Fast-forward to today, and when a group discussion reaches a critical point, someone says "OK, Google". Suddenly, silence falls at the table, as everyone waits in anticipation to hear what the all-knowing Google has to say on the matter. Google gives its answer, and you'd think that would be the end of the discussion, but another person ripostes by smugly saying "Ok, Google" to their phone, then finding information which counters the original information. And so the debate rages on, except with Google as the ever-present mediator.

IMG 0430
This is what today's casual conversations have turned into. / © Maria Scrivan

4. You record every 'magic moment' on your phone

Music gigs are becoming filled with people holding their smartphones and tablets over their heads, watching their screens as they film their favorite acts to make sure they capture the awesome moment.  How about instead of trying to capture every single moment, you live in it instead? The same can be said for smooching selfies, enjoying stunning landscapes, and recording you and your partner's antics in the bedroom.

Of course, it's great to record life's most magical moments and relive them at later dates, but make sure you live those moments in the first place, rather than through the filter of a smartphone screen. Damn kids these days...

androidpit selfie
Every day at the AndroidPIT office is a magic moment, but that doesn't mean we should pout and capture each one. / © ANDROIDPIT

5. You use your phone in bed

No, this isn't about making homemade pornography (for that, see number 4 above), but about checking your smartphone obsessively before you sleep. You've all probably read the studies about how using a smartphone or tablet before bed has a terrible impact on your sleep. A recent study in Norway, for example, found that using your smartphone an hour before bed doubles the risk of you getting poor sleep.

Despite all the data which says it's bad for us, many of us feel the need to just do something - anything - on our smartphones before bed. If this is the case, or if you're reading this feature before bed right now, then you're we're afraid to say you're suffering from smartphone addiction and should stop immediately (conveniently, our list ends here anyway).

androidpit smartphone in bed 2
If you're doing this right now, then put the phone down and go to sleep (right after reading this article)./ © ANDROIDPIT

Do you do any of these things, or think you might be suffering from IAD (Internet Addiction Disorder)? Well then consider the comments board your smartphone addiction therapy room. Share your thoughts with us.

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  • This is hysterical I am addicted to my smart phone. I do everything on this list.. as far as the bathroom goes.. I don't like talk to people but I love reading if it may take a while. I know TMI but just being honest

  • Tienes toda la razón te vuelves un adicto

  • I don't do any thing on this list. I'm good👍👌

  • Phil Jun 15, 2015 Link to comment

    oh no I gave up weed to become a smartphone junkie instead 😅

  • Thankfully I'm not as addicted to my tech devices as my little brother...
    Reminds me of the days when Tamagotchi's ruled the world...
    I do still make time for hunting trips

  • pc, xbox1, smartphone, internet addict.

  • pc addict , smartphone addict , internet addict.

  • That picture of a guy smashing his face into a lamp-post is hilarious!

    • I agree I laughed cuz before my phone I would still walk into poles while talking to my girls or something. Hi clutz here not sure how u spell it.

  • As much as I want to spend time with my smartphone, I don't have the time to.

  • It's not an addiction! I can stop any time I want! lol

    • but you don't, so you're still addicted
      this is not something to play with, this addiction

      • Seriously? Laugh much?or are you just better than who makes a joke? There are worse things to be addicted to and just because you do some of what this list says doesn't mean you're addicted. If you do ALL of this list, maybe. Yes, I'm more addicted than many of my peers but there are things on this list I don't do. Before smartphones was the TV. Before TV was the book or newspaper. I don't know what people did to cure insomnia before the light bulb to go to sleep but I know I can't get to sleep without my phone with the blue light filter on and reading a book (as opposed to falling asleep with the bed light on because if I turned it off too soon, I just wouldn't get to sleep). It's a matter of controlling your usage so you're not overdoing it.

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