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Siri is Latest Casualty of Apple's iOS 6 Maps Disaster

In addition to misdirecting millions of people, it appears Apple's failing Maps have also affected the performance of the iPhone's star feature: Siri. Today, Siri is telling New York residents that the weather in New York City is a balmy 90 degrees when in fact its a mild 60 degrees. Turns out, Siri is actually displaying the weather for New York, Texas.

The same problems seem to be occuring for those located in other cities around the world. Residents of Richmond, Virginia are getting the weather for New Richmond, Virginia. Requests for the weather in Carrollton, Texas are showing up in Carrollton, Indiana. Meanwhile, St. Louis, Missouri residents are seeing the weather for St. Louis, Georgia.

Once again, it seems as if Apple's new maps lacks the relavent data to be able to guess what users are actually searching for, which is why those searching for London are redirected to London, Canada. There appears to be no sense of hierarchy when it comes to search results, and the smallest towns receive a disproportionate amount of search attention. Whatever rubric Google uses to accurately predict what cities people are searching for, Apple doesn't have it.

If the weather is wrong, we wonder if Siri is also giving inaccurate directions and other location-specific information. Add this to the long list of Apple's recent failures. What. A. Mess.

Source: Mac Rumors


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  • No wonder Apple is hiring tech support from outside of Apple (they need techs with experience to take care of this problem) ... to be fair? HTC has had an update for the Droid Incredible for 4 months now, but Verizon's Network isn't allowing the download to take place (& I don't like their solution of a factory reboot losing everything) ... just as most of us feel an Android is at its maximum potential when unlocked rooted & booted, the same must be said for an iPhone ...

    check out this CNet article on AT&T's off contract iPhone5's getting unlocked


  • Well I hope apple does not share info with the US Immigration Department. I'd hate to get my US Visa cancelled just because Siri thinks I am in New York, New York or New York, Tx instead of New York, Cubao in the Ph and reports me as an over staying alien in the US.

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    Deactivated Account Sep 25, 2012 Link to comment

    And the hits just keep on coming!