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While it may be as good as some leaked photos of the device, some blueprints of the HTC T6 have surfaced over on and showcase the unannounced phablet. Coming with a 5.9 inch screen and two Tree Sound speakers, this could be an absolute gem. 

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HTC T6 Blueprint

According to the site, not only did they receive the blueprints but also a tip that the name for the device will be the HTC One Max. Following the naming precedent of their miniature version of the HTC One, it seems fitting that an almost 6 inch device would be named the Max. 

Previously, we had reports of the HTC T6/One Max specs and they seem to have garnered at least some credibility, being echoed with the leaked blueprints for the device.  As well, the blueprints confirm the dimensions of the device at 9.4 millimeters thick and 140.4 mm long. 

For those that haven't seen them already, here are the supposed specs for the new HTC device.

Display 5.9 inch, Full HD
CPU 2.3 GHz, Snapdragon 800
Memory 16GB
Camera (back) Ultrapixel 
Camera (front) 2.1 MP
Battery 3,300 mAh
Speaker Boom Sound (2 Tree Sound Speakers)
Expandable Memory Yes

The device is expected to be announced this summer and available later on in the year and will compete against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note III and the Sony Xperia ZU.

Via: PhoneArena Source: MobiLeaks

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