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Imagine your hometown being attacked by an unknown something…Nobody knows where it came from, but it’s lethal and dangerous. It eats everything in its path.

This “it” isn’t satisfied with just eating trash, small animals and plants…It has a much bigger appetite than that – it wants people too!
The more it eats, the bigger and faster it gets leaving the local population in a state of panic and chaos!
Now imagine that this despicable monster is….YOU!

Try stepping into the body of a drooling gobble-monster with Slimeball Speedway.

This test report was written by Paulina Gegenheimer.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.42 - Fixes force closes! 1.46

Features & Use

Slimeball Speedway belongs to the “eat ‘em up” gaming category (this term actually exists).
The aim of the game is simple:
The indescribable monster (in this case a small slime ball made up of nuclear waste) has to eat non-stop in order to stay healthy and survive.
The more it eats, the bigger and faster it gets so that it can gobble down larger objects. At the beginning of the game, you start out at an nuclear plant and at first the blob sticks just eating trash and waste. Anything edible is marked with a clearly visible circle. Once you get bigger and stronger, you can start eating bigger prey. If you try to eat an object (or person) that is too big, you’ll lose in size and speed. If you stumble upon something that is way bigger than you, the blob explodes leaving behind a disgusting trail of green filth on the ground and it’s game over, buddy!

The actual goal in each level is to reach the river at the end of the course. The slime ball has to avoid dangers such as traffic, cyclists and other obstacles in order to reach the beautifully clean river in order to pollute it with its green matter.

Reaching the river automatically unlocks the next level. The player has the chance to take a look at the high score list before moving on to a higher level.

Bottom Line: I really liked Slimeball Speedway even if it’s not extremely exciting to play.

Screen & Controls

Slimeball Speedway should be praised for its graphics and design, in my opinion.

The game includes a helpful video tutorial that explains the rules of the game step by step.
Although the controls are really simple, it was nice to get an interactive guide on how to play the game instead of reading a long text on the subject.

The slimeball moves forward automatically. Move your phone left or right to control its trajectory. You can’ t control the speed or use the breaks.

In addition there’s a kind of “ghost slimeball” that follows you as you play. At first, I was a bit confused by the fact that there were two slimeballs and didn’t understand which one I had to control.
The second ball is meant to guide you through the level and tell you where to go. Personally, I didn’t manage to keep up with it.

To pause just press the phone’s menu button. Here you can also start a new game and go to Settings.
At the bottom of the screen your score, time and options are displayed in a list.

Speed & Stability

I didn’t experience any problems or difficulties while playing Slimeball Speedway. A very reliable game to play.

Price/Performance Ratio

You can download the lite version of Slimeball Speedway for free from the Market. The full version costs $3.49


Slimeball Speedway Slimeball Speedway Slimeball Speedway Slimeball Speedway

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