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Smartphone Keyboards: Typer or Swyper?

As I really thought about this subject for the first time, I realized that swiping, or Swyping if you prefer, as an input method, is not exactly new. By now, all manufacturers and of course Stock Android offer a swiping option as opposed to the standard plinkety-plunk input style. Some love it, others hate it – but swiping is familiar to almost everyone at this point. What about you? Are you still thumbing your way through those 140 characters, or are you index-finger zigzagging at hyperspeed?

swype type mod
Who wins? Two thumbs or one forefinger? / © AndroidPIT

I swipe on my smartphone at last, but only since Google introduced it with Android 4.2 as an integral part of its keyboard. Still, I surprise myself sometimes by noticing that I still switch to the old input method, even though I'm much faster with a swiping gesture. It would seem I still haven't shaken off those old habits fully, or maybe it's just laziness. You don't exactly need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to lift about 130 grams with one hand in order to type with the other, but holding my smartphone with two hands is somehow more comfortable for me.

swype teclado nexus 4
Sometimes typing with two thumbs just feels more natural. / © AndroidPIT

Besides the well known manufacturer options such as TouchWiz and Sense there is now a real wealth of separate keyboard apps, some of which we have already presented to you, including the top dogs Swype and SwiftKey. But innovative alternatives such as Dryft and TouchPal X are providing some tantalizing attractions. And then of course there's the classic: the pure Android keyboard, which is available to all via the Play Store now.

But what is the situation in the overall context? Is Swyping the new typing or is it merely an alternative? And what comes after it? If anyone has an interesting idea of how we might be texting in years to come, I'm all ears.


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  • They also compared a lot other resources here - www.typingstudy.com/list_of_free_touch_typing_software_and_online_resources
    However, I think TypingStudy is the best anyway.

  • Swiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipe!

  • I've never used Swype, just the stock Android version and SwiftKey, but after abandoning SwiftKey once and then returning I'm starting to love it. I'm definitely powering through texts faster but am still teaching it my own particular style of speaking. Using German words regularly doesn't help either but I've learnt to just thumb-type those in!

  • I'm a swiper, and I love it!

  • I suck at swyping! I thought I was bad at touch typing but this brings failure to a whole new level.....................oh well.

  • I used to swype all the time from my first Galaxy S but the Samsung keyboard on my Note 2 is quicker as 90% of the time it will predict my next word or predict what I am trying to spell even when I have not a clue how to spell it. All I have to do is type one or two letters then select the correct word