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Demand for Larger Smartphones Is Driving Android's Growth
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Hardware 2 min read 6 comments

Demand for Larger Smartphones Is Driving Android's Growth

First came the Galaxy Note. Then, suddenly, any screen less than 4" was considered puny. But if current trends are to continue, we'll all be folding tablets into our pockets and unrolling them like giant scrolls in the next few months. That's how quickly large screens are becoming the norm.

Take it away, Tech Crunch:

Of all the Android devices that have been sold in the last three months, nearly one-third (29%) of them had a screen size of over 4.5 inches, with large-screened devices from Samsung, HTC, LG (pictured), Huawei and more. Apple’s current iPhone has a screen of 3.5 inches.

Why are we buying larger phones? Because the bigger the screen, the more likely we'll be to use the device for more functions, like e-mailing, paying games, and, of course, watching films. In fact, only 19% of consumers with a screen smaller than three inches download and watch videos, compared to 65% when the screen is five inches or more. They're simply more useful for a range of different tasks.

With the release of the Galaxy Note 2, HTC's planned 5" phablet and the iPad Mini on the way, it sure looks as if manufacturers are catching on to the demand. Turns out consumers don't want a massive tablet or a sleek phone – they want something in between.

Source: Tech Crunch


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  • Anything bigger than a Galaxy S2 would be huge for me. I came to that conclusion the day I got mine.

  • I think the future may be a phablet docked to your car's dashboard ... & then carried around if you want to do telecommuting (voice, text, video) ... then docked into a poort @ home .... Imagine a phablet used to for Mapping, Navigation, etc (larger screen then a Smart Phone) ...

  • the Galaxy Nexus is a beautiful smart phone .... & the reviews you are delivering from Berlin are great

  • I'm one of those pretentious bluetooth users (truth is I just can't stand holding a phone to my head if there's an alternative) so I'd buy a 10" voice activated phablet if one was available.

    *edit* and I don't generally carry my phone everywhere so I don't have to worry about holsters etc.

  • I dont know..my Galaxy Nexus is bigger than 4.3, and I LOVE IT :-)

  • 4" to 4.3" is big enough for me for a Smart Phone (any larger? I'd have a hard time holstering a Smart Phone on the job and / or out n' about (it would stay docked somewhere) ....

    As for Tablets? Minimum 7", but I appreciate @ least 9" (the day I want a 15" Tablet is the day I am prepared to replace the Laptop / Notebook) ...