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Ugh! One-third of water-damaged phones have been dropped in the toilet
Sony Xperia Z3 Hardware Samsung 2 min read 4 comments

Ugh! One-third of water-damaged phones have been dropped in the toilet

If you’ve ever scoffed at the idea of a waterproof phone such as the Xperia Z3, think again: a new survey says that one of the most common kinds of smartphone damage is from water, and one-third of water damaged phones have been dropped down the toilet.

xperia z3 gallery 04 1240x840 fe27e87def32fabb3a19331b9126f00b
Maybe waterproof smartphones aren't such a bad idea after all. / © Sony Mobile

Sony Xperia Z3 and Samsung Galaxy S4 Active owners have reasons to be cheerful: it seems that waterproof phones aren’t just a gimmick, but a way to prevent one of the most common kinds of damage.

That’s what protective case firm Zagg appears to be saying, anyway: in a survey of nearly 800 smartphone and tablet users it found that nearly half of users had damaged their device and one-third of that damage was water damage. Some of it was from spilled drinks, at least one was from a child throwing their parent’s phone into the shower, and one-third of it was from people dropping their phones down the toilet.

You’ve got to wonder what app they were using. What’s so addictive that you can’t even put it down when you go to the bathroom?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active
Avoid toilet trauma with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. / © paritynews

Slings and arrows

According to Zagg, the most common kind of damage comes from dropping the phone, with 38% of damaged devices coming from accidental drops. Of the reported damage, 54% of users had scratched their phones’ bodies, 52% had scratched the screens and 32% had either cracked or completely shattered the entire display. 

As you might expect, Zagg reckons you should invest in a case - but while it’s obviously got a vested interest, that doesn’t mean it’s bad advice. When you consider the cost of a case versus the cost of a screen replacement, it’s not necessarily a bad investment.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to a smartphone? Do you wrap yours up in bubble wrap, or do you think your phone is already tough enough?


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  • I read somewhere that its mostly women who drop their phone in the toilet, because our back pockets are not as deep as those on men's pants :D.

    Anyway I found out the hard way how to fix a water damaged phone - or my mom did. Through a repair center we discovered this company Techsave which has this unique technology to save phones from water and all your data and stuff is still on the phone afterwards.

  • My1 Oct 6, 2014 Link to comment

    well when you are longer on the toilet it gets boring very soon, so I shall watch my anime.

  • I was out running, fell over the phone came out of the pouch clipped to my shorts and totally smashed. I claimed insurance and got a new one. I loathe buying a protective case as you pay all that money for a good looking phone then to go and cover it up doesn't seem right to me. I much prefer to try and take care of it

  • Ok, so the author has to be polite, because authors need readers. But I'm a reader here, and a consumer. I don't really care for blatant advertising plugs in the comments section of an interesting article. I spend a large portion of my income on tech, but I'd rather support the companies which pay the Android PIT team for ad placement than solicit some website that hijacks interesting threads to get a website name out there.