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Songify – Speech to Music

Songify – Speech to Music

Rubbing our hands in anticipating, we witnessed a lot of iOS exclusive releases become available for Android these past few weeks. One of the apps newly released for the Android platform is Songify, an app with a mission to transform speech to music, a function that's sure to bring a smile to many a lip.

Does Songify succeed in what it sets out to do? Find out in today's review.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.4 1.0.9

Features & Use

Basically, Songify is an app that will transform what you say into a 'song' by passing it through a mixer and adding a melody and beat to your sentence. It doesn't matter what you say – you could be reciting Keats or Ronan Keating or simply checking off a grocery list – everything can become a song!

Granted, the 'songs' produced are not divine audio experiences, but they're certainly funny and fun to make. The voice that speaks the lyrics is a pretty standard computer generated voice (although I find it somehow reminiscent of Cher), and the quality is not an audio engineer's dream come true. For instance, the voice's volume is irregular, and, truth be told, so is the volume of the accompanying music. Furthermore, the volume of lyric and music are mismatched, meaning that sometimes when the voice is soft, the background music continues to play at a louder volume, thus more or less swallowing the music.

A selection of songs is available for free, but if you're looking to enjoy more diversity you will have to pay for more tracks. Each track costs between 25 and 75 coins. You can get coins for free by installing apps such as Draw Something or eBay.

Check out other people's favourite songs in the community or use the song you've created as your new ringtone. Alternatively, you can also just save your tracks to your gallery, and if you're keen to share your creation you can do so via email, SMS, Facebook or the integrated Android sharing feature.

My main critique is that Songify for Android does not come with a live option, whereas the iOS version has a live mode, meaning the app transforms what you#re saying almost in real time. I don't quite understand why this feature is missing from the new Android version...

Bottom line:

is a fun gag app, but it's up to every user to know if they'll get a kick out of it or will find it to be a total waste of time.


Screen & Controls

As mentioned, Songify is an iOS port, which is noticeable in the app's design. It feels very much like an iOS app, and while it's well done we would like to see a perhaps more carefully adapted Android version.


Speed & Stability

Songify crashed twice while I was browsing the 'Winning' section, necessitating a relaunch of the app. Aside from that it run pretty smoothly and there are no loading times.


Price/Performance Ratio

Songify is free and can be downloaded from Google Play. Ad banners are discreet and can be clocked away, but there aren't a whole lot of tracks to choose from.


Songify – Speech to Music Songify – Speech to Music Songify – Speech to Music

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  • Sorin Dec 29, 2017 Link to comment

    It's cool. I installed it for the first time and it's cool, I made some rhythms and I managed to make music, my friends were amused what I did. It's cool to make live music at a karaoke.

  •   17
    Deactivated Account Jun 4, 2012 Link to comment

    deanna! Thanks for your comment -- and glad to hear how enthusiastic you are about this concept. Come to think of it... you're right: turning anything and everything into song DOES take talking to a whole new level. Sometimes, with the sheer mass of applications and functions available nowadays, we tend to get quite jaded about concepts that would've really knocked our socks off a few years ago.
    So thanks for putting it into perspective :)

  • this is a great idea! I think it's awesome. Who would've thought u say whatever and turn it into a song? This takes talking to a whole new level

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