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Sonorox is a musical sequencer for Android. Sonorox includes three instruments (drums, guitar, synth) that you can combine in different way to create short patterns. Find out how it works in today's test.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.1 1.0.1

Features & Use

Sonorox allows you to be a composer on a very basic level. All you have to do is arrange the different sounds and instruments around the screen in order to create short musical pieces. Even if the instruments don't sound authentic, the results can be both surprising and interesting to listen to. With this app you can also download the musical creations of other users or share your tracks with the Sonorox community. People can rate your tunes to let you know if you are any good as an Android musician. You can view the rankings and results here.


Screen & Controls

 You can start creating music as soon as you start up Sonorox. Just click anywhere on the screen to place a particular instrument's sound. These sounds can then be arranged in a specific pattern with each instrument being represented by a different symbol. You can switch between instruments by pressing the trackball or the menu button. The screen is set-up in a 4/4 rhythmical pattern that is looped over and over again. Double-pressing the trackball opens up a cross-hair that allows you to position your sound exactly where you want it. You can arrange your sound with your finger or using the trackball. Sometimes the best results come from randomly placing sounds all over the screen. It's important to have fun and experiment!

You have the following options via the menu button:

  • Quit
  • File
  • Clear
  • Instrument

Press Quiet to close the app or press Clear to wipe the screen clean. Select Instrument to switch between guitar, synth and drums.

There are a couple of interesting options under File:


  • Load tune from SD Card
  • Save tune to SD Card
  • Download tune from Sonorox community
  • Upload tune from Sonorox community
  • View a demo of using Sonorox
  • Sonorox party mode

Here you can save and load your compositions, download tunes from the community or upload your own. View a demo shows you a small tutorial on how to create musical compositions. In Sonorox party mode you can download multiple tunes and playing them in a row. The only way to quit party mode is to close the app entirely.
That's wasn't the only problem with this app. You don't have the option of pausing or stopping your musical pattern. You can only turn it off by going into options via the menu button. There also isn't a way to change the tempo.

Bottom Line:

Despite some drawbacks, Sonorox lets people have fun and explore their creativity.

Speed & Stability

Sonorox doesn't run smoothly the entire time. Sometimes the app stalls when the musical pattern gets too complex. The screen completely froze one me several times.


Price/Performance Ratio

 Sonorox can be downloaded for free from the Android Market. 


Sonorox Sonorox Sonorox Sonorox Sonorox

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