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Sony presents the Xperia T3, ''the world's thinnest 5.3-inch smartphone''

Sony presents the Xperia T3, ''the world's thinnest 5.3-inch smartphone''

Sony showed off its latest smartphone today, the Xperia T3, a mid-range Android device with the same Xperia design line that we’ve more or less become accustomed to. The body is 7 mm thin, and Sony is marketing it as the phone to have if you want to stand out. Well, we’ll see about that.

xperia t3 2
The Sony Xperia T3 has arrived on the scene with a steel frame. © Sony

Sony promises ‘The world’s slimmest 5.3 inch smartphone’’, made of a stainless steel frame and what appears to be polycarbonate plastic, which follows the same Omnibalance design language established since the Xperia Z. While the exterior looks like a premium phone, the same quality doesn’t quite match up with what’s on the inside.

First off, the device packs a HD display (for a better perspective, some devices like the LG G3 now have QHD displays, which is four times the megapixels), and uses Sony’s signature TRILUMINOS technology with a mobile Bravia Engine 2. This apparently creates nice results when watching videos and playing games. It's running on a quad-core CPU clocked at 1.4 GHz, complemented by a 2,500 mAh battery and 1 GB of RAM, so those looking for high-end devices with excellent performance might not find what they are looking for in the T3.

xperia t3 1
Sony's new Xperia T3 smartphone. © Sony

If you compare the T3 to the LG G3 in terms of body/display ratio, the new Xperia is a 150.7 x 77 x 7 mm device, making it a lot taller and wider than the LG G3, though the latter offers a screen that is 0.2 inches bigger.

The device comes with an 8 MP back camera, which some of the typical Xperia Z2 camera features, like AR effect, Timeshift burst, Creative effects, Potrait Retouch and Social live, more can be downloaded from the Sony store. There is also a Steadyshot mode to ensure that your pictures are distortion-free. Videos have HDR mode.

You'll also find the Xperia Transfer app pre-installed on the Xperia T3, which makes it alot easier for users to move content from their old iOS or Android device, onto the Xperia smartphone.

In any case, the device would be great for the average user, and will be available globally by the end of July 2014. Price, on the other hand, has yet to be disclosed.

What do you think of the new Xperia T3? 

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  • This is totally a messed up article. The worst article of yours I can say.
    You may be a fan of the LG G3 (like I am personally) but comparing a mid range device with a high end one just doesnt make sense.
    Maybe you can add a video to the article showing us the device or make a spec sheet that would make the article better than now what it is.

    • Hey Saem, thanks for your feedback, though the reactions of readers to this article have highly amused me I realize that the T3 and the LG G3 aren't of the same caliber, but I don't mention hardware, software or anything else in this article. All I mention is the size and display to chassis ratio, which is not reflective of a device's position in the smartphone spectrum, in my opinion at least. I am a fan of the LG G3, but not a fan ''girl''. Thank you for the comment and have a great day!

  • One of the most smartphone makers in the world are the Sony. Their Xperia series was a great hit and the fact that they are the pioneer of waterproof smartphones, it makes them a big threat to others.

  • OMG you're the worst! This article completely misses the point and is a pile of steamy nothing. The world's thinnest phone? Nope. Then you rant about a midrange phone not being a highend phone??? And then compare it to LG G3??? WTF?

    P. S.
    I'm a bitchy bitch, but my comment (although very mild for my standards) is posted with my best intentions for you to reconsider the article you wrote and make them better in the future, because this one IMHO is really really bad.

    • Hey Bojan,
      The point of this article isn't to give my opinion, and it is even less of a rant, but to present a new device and give a little perspective. I looked again to see which horrific or biased comment I might have added to deserve such an outburst, but couldn't find one. Sony says that this is the thinnest 5.3-inch smartphone, not the thinnest smartphone ever made, which I stated in the article in the second paragraph. Sometimes people just need to take a major chill pill. I'm laughing more than I am crying about your comment dear Bojan, but I appreciate your comment despite its ''bitchy'' nature.

  • The title is misleading since the Huawei Ascend P6 is 6.2 mm thin and the P7 is 6.5 mm thin. What's the news in this article anyway.. that Sony released a new device?

    • Hi Milos,
      Yes, you are right about it being misleading from title. I have corrected that to be reflective of the article, where you can read ''Sony promises ‘The world’s slimmest 5.3 inch smartphone’''.... this is what Sony has said in their press release, not that it is the thinnest smartphone ever, but the thinnest smartphone of 5.3 inches, which is why I mention that in the text. The news is that there is a new device, nothing more, nothing less. Thank you for your comment.

      • Hi Loie,
        I must say that the reason behind the article doesn't make sense simply because it's the thinnest 5.3 inch smartphone.. they can then release a statement every time they launch "the thinnest x.x inch smartphone".. 5.1, 5.2, 5.4, etc.. Who cares.. :-) Nothing big about that.

      • You are right Milos, I couldn't care less about Sony's marketing tactics, I personally think it funny that they would even try to throw this at consumers.

  • what's its expected price ?

  • "The device comes with an 8 MP front camera"?
    Isn't it the back camera?

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