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Sony Xperia Z gets the Yankee Treatment

Well, after being able to only read about the Sony Xperia Z for some time, it looks like it Sony’s new flagship device will be hitting the North American content in the coming weeks. T-Mobile has confirmed that it will be the carrier of choice in the United States for the Xperia Z. 

xperia Z
Welcome to the U S of A, Xperia Z. / © AndroidPIT

While T-Mobile has been pretty tight lipped on what the pricing will be for the device, it’s confirmed that within the coming weeks they’ll be offering the device. On the upside, they will finally be offering a waterproof smartphone in North America which is good news for people looking for a higher end and more durable device. Coming from a place with high humidity, this (or a clunky case that provides the same protection) is a must just for normal every day use.  Although we weren’t too kind on the Xperia Z in our camera test, it did perform great in situations with difficult lighting conditions and areas with higher contrast.

Xperia Z
© AndroidPIT

This is pretty exciting news for United States customers (…well, as long as you’re with T-Mobile or planning on switching over to them). And while we’ve been appeased with the Xperia ZL until now, it’s nice to get a wider array of devices from Sony finally gracing our shore.

Anybody planning on jumping on the Sony Xperia X bandwagon once it hits the United States?

Via: The Verge Source: T-Mobile


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  • My mistake. Fixed.

  • My1 Jun 19, 2013 Link to comment

    it is uncommon for phone to be waterproof but is it uncommon for the xPeria Z to be waterproof? because you stated that the "waterproof version" will be sold...

  • Imran Jun 19, 2013 Link to comment

    When you pay its price you should get complete package. sort of S4 active.

  • Hey Philipp, over here it's pretty uncommon to see devices that are waterproof. With the Xperia Z now on the North American market (...along hopefully with the S4 Active soon) it's pretty much an anomaly over here.

  • My1 Jun 19, 2013 Link to comment

    " they will be offering the waterproof version " was there ever a non- waterproof version???

  • this Android Smart Phone may not have the best camera, but a few downloaded apps can change that .... the question is, can we see quality Android Smart Phones available globally without being forced to pay high prices for them?

  • That's a interesting comment. Is the camera the most important feature of a smartphone for you Imran?

  • Imran Jun 18, 2013 Link to comment

    With the current camera review results.. No