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Sony Xperia Z tablet: Android 4.2.2 has arrived

Sony Xperia Z tablet: Android 4.2.2 has arrived

Sony has been slowly rolling out updates to their devices across the board and the Sony Xperia Z tablet isn’t going to be left behind. As of yesterday, it was announced that the tablet would be receiving Android 4.2.2 shortly and it seems they weren’t kidding. It has been reported by many users of the LTE version of the tablet is receiving the update right now. 

xperia 4 2 2
Hey there Xperia Z, I'd like you to meet your friend Android 4.2.2. / © XperiaBlog

As seen in the screenshots posted by XperiaBlog, the navigation buttons are positioned in a more central location on the device. As well, notifications appear in the top bar, which is in line with the majority of devices. However, the app drawer and the Google Search function have remained in the top corner of the home screen.

xperia 4 2 2 jb
Home screen of Android 4.2.2 on the Xperia Z Tablet. / © XperiaBlog

Asides from the obvious changes presented here, it’s also jam packed with all the good features of Android 4.2.2. To read up on all those changes, check out our post on Android 4.2.2.

xperia 422
 © XperiaBlog

Wi-Fi versions of the tablet should see the rollout shortly.

So, anyone grabbed the update yet for his or her Zperia Z Tablet? If so, how do you like it so far.

Source: Xperia Blog

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  • SONY! What have you done! :P. I got the update the other week and after that time of playing around with it I wish I'd never updated. The update is clearly software designed for phones but certainly not tablets in mind.

    >There is much nicer lock screen and the notifications are an improvement (aside from the now missing brightness control which was mentioned above) .......but with the now mainly centred controls rather than at the 4 corners it's far harder to use naturally, in landscape mode you'll be struggling to reach anything.

    >Walkman, Album and TV sideview apps are still great but the movies app has been reworked to an incredibly annoying level. Previously your own videos and saved films would be put in one section, then your TV episodes you have saved would be in another section and the app would recognise what TV show it is and episode. So before I had 3 episodes of big bang theory on my SD card which was in the TV section it would list big bang theory then I would get my choice of episode number, Perfect!..... Now that's been removed and all videos have been lumped into one list so I now have a list of 30 odd videos and all 3 episodes are now named "big bang theory" in the list so there's no way to tell the difference between them without starting the video and going back if it's the wrong one

    >the last change I immediately noticed is the now lack of small apps at the bottom of the screen, you can hit the app button to get these up but it's an added step that really just makes things harder

    All and all I'm actually really disappointed, this software is not designed with a tablet in mind which is a shame as I like doing things on my tablet but all these things really detract from the experience and the cons far outweigh the pros, if given the choice again I would never have updated.

  • Just got the update, and I'm afraid it is nearly all bad news. Boat browser no longer works, I now have two black bars occupying screen space (the status bar has gone up topside instead of being integrated in the button bar at the buttom. There is no longer a brightness and volume slider in the drop-down menu, just a sort of on/off button. And if I turn the status bar off in an application like Quickpic, or go fullscreen in a browser, I cannot access the dropdown menu, unlike the earlier version integrated in the permanent bar at the buttom. The one piece of good news is that there is a direct access to chrome bookmarks in the small apps pop-up - it means that It is at least a tolerable experience to use Firefox, though I hope the people at boat browser find a fix. Had I known this beforehand I would have kept 4.1!