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Space Physics - Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

Authored by: Yan Matusevich — May 12, 2010

You have to admit that Space Physics is about as corny as a game title can get. It doesn’t sound cool at all and makes you think of boring math quiz games. Don’t let your first impression turn you away from this amazing game because it’s hands-down one of the coolest and most innovative games out there! I’m sure all of you will have just as much fun with Space Physics as I did.

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Reviewed version Latest version
1.7.5 1.9.0

Features & Use

I haven’t seen anything quite like this before. There’s a ball that moves around the screen in accordance with the direction you till it in. And you’ve got multiple levels that you can load individually.
Don’t forget about gravity while playing. If there’s no ground underneath a ball, it falls into an abyss! Some might get the wrong impression that Space Physics is played in zero gravity. The game’s objective is to direct the ball to its target on each level by drawing figures on the touch screen. You can also draw different shapes that have their own functions:

  • Wheel: Just a regular wheel with no special function
  • Car: Two wheel connected by an axle. This “car” drives towards your target, even uphill!
  • Cogwheel: You can draw a hammer, for example, onto a cogwheel that then moves back and forth like a drill. That way you can rock the figure back and forth. A cogwheel can only be attached to an existing wall within the level.

Bottom Line:

It’s really a piece of pie to get the hang of this game. I was really impressed by how fun, complex, and innovative this game turned out to be. In my mind, Space Physics is one of the most addictive games out there. Hours fly by while playing this game!
The levels are located on a separate second file located on your SD card. Every individual level is unique and challenging. Good dexterity, logical thinking and an artistic frame of mind are a must! Why? Keep on reading below…

Screen & Controls

In my opinion, the game’s controls are its most innovative part. As I said, to complete each level you have to help the ball reach its goal by drawing different shapes to guide it in the right direction. All the drawing is done with your finger directly on the touch screen. If you draw a line across the screen, you create a firm surface. Make sure to draw an even surface, otherwise your ball will slide right off the screen. The ball rolls around as if in water with virtually no traction.

The physics feels really cool and realistic the entire time. You get a good idea of how objects move around in the game. You can draw different combinations of shapes that, in turn, influence the balls trajectory.
The level package includes a total of 80 levels - more than enough to keep you occupied!

Bottom Line:
This game simply blew me away. Without a doubt, one of the best casual games I’ve gotten my hands on. Never did I get bored! There’s so much room for creativity that you never feel like putting this game down. The harder the level, the more logical thinking is needed. You also need to be pretty good and precise at drawing the necessary shapes.
The controls are about as sample as they get. I can only highly recommend Space Physics to all Android users. I would be surprised if anyone doesn’t find this game fun.

Speed & Stability

Space Physics has a fast, reliable, and totally crash-free performance.

Price/Performance Ratio

Space Physics costs $2.99 on the Android Market, but is worth every penny!

You'll need an extra pack will all the levels that you can download here.




Space Physics - Doesn't Get Any Better Than This! Space Physics - Doesn't Get Any Better Than This! Space Physics - Doesn't Get Any Better Than This! Space Physics - Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!


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  • Roodiinii S May 18, 2010 Link to comment

    I enjoyed the free version. Since I was not willing to shell out for the full version, the fun was short-lived.

  • Ben Foster May 16, 2010 Link to comment

    wow this game is a real challenge. and i thought i was good at logic...