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SpaceCat (3D) -- Space is the Place

Not that the world of Android is known for being deadly serious, but it’s still always a pleasant surprise to come across an application that feels very tongue-in-cheek. SpaceCat (3D) is the perfect example of this type of app—its narrative is deliberately silly. To find out more about SpaceCat (3D) just keep reading!


Reviewed version Latest version
2.0 2.0.5

Features & Use

Test devices:
Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Android version: 4.0.2
Root: Yes

Modifications: None

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Android Version: 3.2
Root: Yes
Modifications: None

App details:
Runs as of: 1.6
Size: 9.6 MB
Optimised for Ice Cream Sandwich: No, but it runs well nonetheless

In the year 3122 man has conquered the galaxy, and he’s taken his favourite pet with him to share the experience: the cat. And, of course, travelling space cats love to play with flying saucers—they even use them to chase mice. The cat is more than a lovable tag along: he’s a useful scavenger and the only being capable of squeezing along the tight tunnels and passages where the SpaceRats like to hang out. SpaceRats are an evolved species of the ordinary rat, and they are especially pesky and bothersome to the space crew.

I’ve paraphrased the developer’s description of the game’s narrative, and I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s something delightfully silly about SpaceCat (3D) whose tag line reads: “Because the world will be a better place with more cats in flying saucers.”

A cat pilots a spaceship that’s barely larger than the cat itself. Tap on the screen to accelerate. Tilt the device in order to navigate the space craft left or right. Up or down. You may also use the on screen controls. The tricky bit is accelerating by navigating the ship in a certain way—try it out, you’ll see what I mean, especially when playing in the ‘realistic’ mode. The ‘arcade’ mode is bit more forgiving, but to be honest it isn’t enough of a challenge for me personally, I clearly prefer the realistic mode.

But life isn’t only floating about space on a saucer, occasionally nabbing a rat. There are other factors that will make your mission more difficult. For instance, the space craft only has a limited amount of fuel, though you can fuel up when landing on certain platforms. Also, you shouldn’t use the poor kitty as a crash test dummy; if you do, it will mew at you pitifully and lose precious life energy. Furthermore, there are moving obstacles to combat, lasers to evade and as the levels advance they become more and more difficult.

Go to the shop if you wish to purchase other cats or spaceships, the latter of which have specific qualities (fuel capacity, speed, etc.) You purchase these things with pills of which you receive 50 every time you complete a level. Oddly enough, even after having played 15 or so levels, the total amount of pills never exceeds 200, which is a bit annoying. I presume it’s the developer’s way to get users to buy more pills via in-app purchase; 1000 pills cost EUR0,99. Pills can also be collected by downloading other games from the same studio.

Bottom line:
SpaceCat (3D) is very cute and entertaining, but it’s not the kind of thing that will keep you endlessly captivated.

Screen & Controls

SpaceCat (3D) is not some 3D marvel, but the graphics are cute nonetheless. Controls are excellent.

Speed & Stability

SpaceCat (3D) performed well on both testing devices, save for the teeniest little lags, which didn’t impede the game fun but didn’t escape my attention either. If you are playing the game on an older device, there is an option for scale down the graphics.

Price/Performance Ratio

SpaceCat (3D) is available for free and without any ad banners from the Android Market. The downside: you can’t ever earn more than 200 pills.


SpaceCat (3D) -- Space is the Place SpaceCat (3D) -- Space is the Place SpaceCat (3D) -- Space is the Place SpaceCat (3D) -- Space is the Place


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  • Sorin 3 weeks ago Link to comment

    I love cats and that's why I like to play with them. This time I play with cats in the virtual world of games. For game enthusiasts and cat lovers, this game is exactly what they need!

  •   16
    Jay O. Feb 24, 2012 Link to comment

    Thanks for chiming in, Jonathan! I agree with you, it's more challenging than one might think.

  • Jonathan Feb 24, 2012 Link to comment

    AN EXCELLENT GAME! It is NOT so easy once you advance in levels. You will need patience and concentration, but that is what I like: a quick easy-to-learn game with a bit of necessary thinking and planning, while being cute and entertaining. I recommend it highly.

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