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Sprinkle Islands: Little Blue Firemen kickin' fires butt
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Sprinkle Islands: Little Blue Firemen kickin' fires butt

It has been a long time since ''Sprinkle'' appeared for the first time on Android and it received a huge amount of success. The blue firemen put out fires with the help of the user, but in a very interesting and funny way. ''Sprinkle Islands'' is the successor to that previous, fun-packed game and in terms of gameplay and range has a lot more to offer. Check it out in our app test review.



  • 48 exciting and complex levels
  • Increasing levels of difficulty to challenge even the best players
  • A boss at the end of every world
  • Great price/performance ratio


  • A little repetitive after a while
Reviewed on Android version Root Modifications Reviewed version Latest version
Samsung Galaxy S2 4.1.2 No none 1.1.0 1.1.2

Features & Use

In the first part, the space tourists are flying around Saturn in their spaceship and in doing so, have ''whirled'' the rings of the Planet, which causes burning rocks to fall from the massive orb onto the little blue men and put the houses around them on fire.

Now, a few years later, a garbage transporter spaceship, which has just come from Earth is travelling its normal course. But unfortunately, it is accidentally scattering burning waste onto the nice islands of Titan. The blue firemen are again put to the test to save the island from destruction.

 © AndroidPIT

In ''Sprinkle Islands'', as you have surely understood by now, the point of the game is to put out flames. However, this in itself would be too much of an easy task, so the game add an extra challenge: the less water you use in completing this heroic duty, the better rating you will get. So, in order to put out the fire, you need to position blocks by using the force of the water or bring a rock via various conveyer belts to land on a big red button. It's a mix between patience and intellect that will get you through the game and win all the points along the way. The controls didn't really change with this new game, you can even operate the entire thing with one finger. By tapping on the screen, you can move the hose up or down to choose where the water will land. The big red button on the bottom right side must be pushed to get the water flowing. On the side of the screen you will see how much water is available and how much you have used.

 © AndroidPIT

The game isn't just comprised of a few levels, but with many new additions that make the game really interesting. Other than differently constructed and complex levels, the fire truck is no longer static. You can move it between worlds and at the very end of each island, there will be a boss battle.

There is a total of 4 worlds with 12 levels. The 48 levels which are available at present don't compare to the 72 that the preceding game has to offer, but again this app has just appeared on the market so we are expecting many updates to come. This game offers a huge range of difficult, big levels.

Screen & Controls

''Sprinkle Islands'' can be easily controlled. Just like the past game, the controls are self-explanatory. The overall look goes very well with the gameplay.


Speed & Stability

''Sprinkle Islands'' ran smoothly the entire duration of my test and without any lags or sudden crashes.

Price/Performance Ratio

''Sprinkle Islands'' costs 1USD in the Google Play Store. For an app which is super funny and creative, I don't think this is too much to ask. This small sum of money will get you 48 awesome and well-thought out levels, plus thrilling and action-packed boss battles. For those who aren't sure if they would like to make the purchase, there is a lite version that you can install which only includes 8 levels.

Final verdict

This game basically did everything right. While its predecessor was really popular, ''Sprinkle Islands'' has been worked over and brings many new elements with it. The developer didn't just ride the success wave of their previous game, but have tried to freshen the game principal to present us with a worthy follow-up. For the small price, I think that it's a worthy buy. Simply awesome!


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  • Jazyelle

  • My1 Sep 24, 2013 Link to comment

    "It has been a long time since ''Sprinkle Islands'' appeared for the first time on Android and it received a huge amount of success.
    ''Sprinkle Islands'' is the successor to that previous, fun-packed game and in terms of gameplay and range has a lot more to offer."

    the first game is named Sprinkle (without the islands part...