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SSI gTasks - Beta

Authored by: Yan Matusevich — Mar 15, 2010

I am by no means the only Android user who’s a complete Google addict. There probably isn’t a single Google service that I haven’t either tried out or used on a regular basis. I tend to use Google Tasks quite a lot, for example, but it's not smoothly integrated with my Android phone. This where gTasks comes in quite handy...


Reviewed version Latest version
0.3.51m 0.3.64m

Features & Use

gTasks allows you to synchronize Google Tasks with you phone. As a result, you have access to all of the notes and events made using Google Tasks directly on your phone as well the possibility of adding notes using your phone and accessing them on your computer at home.

As far as synchronization is concerned, gTasks is everything you could wish for. At least I can’t think of any drawbacks of the top of my head.

Screen & Controls

At start-up, gTasks automatically synchronizes itself with your Google Tasks. After a short interval you are able to access all of your tasks and notes from Google Tasks directly from your phone. By the way, as soon as you open a new list or add/edit a task on gTasks, it is automatically synchronized with Google Tasks. Obviously, you can always toggle this feature on or off in your settings.

Need to quickly jot down a note or task? Simply enter a title into the text field at the top of your screen. By clicking the plus icon, your note then gets directly added to your current list. You access the note in a new window by selecting its title from the list. There you can write the full note, set a date, or delete it all together. To save your work press the menu-button and click on “save”. You can just stick to the title field for really concise notes or tasks.
With the help of a small arrow icon to the left of your text input, you can see an overview of all your lists. Here you can select and open a list of your choice or start a new list by pressing on “Add list” via the menu button.
When viewing a list, the menu button gives you the following options:

  • Add task
  • Sort by
  • Clear done
  • Sync
  • Settings

You can then sort by:

  • User order
  • Due date
  • Task title

As soon as you set a date for your note/task, it automatically gets sorted ordered under "Overdue", "Today", "This week", or "No date". Even if you decide to sort your notes/tasks differently, a blue or red marking still lets you know whether is still current or overdue. 

Sorting by task title arranges all of your notes alphabetically. 

Pressing "Clear done" erases all of your check-marked notes and/or tasks. To place a check-mark in the first place, tap the small box on the left edge of the screen.

The "Sync" button is really superfluous if you've set up automatic synchronization.

In Settings you'll find the following options:

  • Account (if you’re using multiple accounts with your phone).
  • Autosync (On/Off)
  • Autosync settings
  • Sync on change (On/Off)
  • Sync on start (On/Off)
  • Sync during sleep (On/Off)
  • Regular sync time (Set sync schedule)
  • Title size
  • Note size
  • Date size

Bottom Line:

gTasks is definitely a must-have for regular Google Tasks users. Even if you’re just looking for a way to synchronize your notes between your phone and your PC, gTasks does its job well and is free to use.


Speed & Stability

 During our test gTasks ran smoothly and without any issues.

Price/Performance Ratio

gTasks can be downloaded for free from the Android Market.


SSI gTasks - Beta SSI gTasks - Beta SSI gTasks - Beta SSI gTasks - Beta SSI gTasks - Beta SSI gTasks - Beta

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