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Star Contact -- Search easy

As much as we love our smartphones being so smart, sometimes simplicity is best, especially when it comes to quickly looking up a contact you wish to call.

With contact lists growing exponentially, the act of scrolling through these endless tomes in order to find one specific contact may very well result in carpal tunnel syndrome.
An alternative to scrolling is using T9 / digits as a search tool. Star Contact is a programme that is set on helping you do so.



Reviewed version Latest version
2.0.5 2.0.5

Features & Use

Star Contact allows you to search your contact list via T9 engine. In practice this means you need only enter the first three letters of a contact and the application will narrow down or even select your contact for you.

Search results are displayed above the virtual keyboard and you can select the one you'd like and dial away. Erase search results by hitting the Delete button—easy! An advanced search tool is also available: to access it go to the settings (though we found this to be a roundabout way of searching for contacts).

Another option for searching for contacts, aside from typing in the first letters of their first or last name, is typing in their initials, but the former algorithm tends to generate faster and more precise results.

Change the size of the virtual keys if ever you find them to be too large.

A Call Log of all your calls is also available for consultation.

Bottom line:

Star Contact is a basic tool to help you search for contacts. Some will applaud the app's simplicity, others will (rightfully) point out that other applications provide a similar service as well as few other features. If you've already installed an app that does something similar there's really no need to download this application as it is a relatively simple search tool. However, if you're looking for a contact search tool 101 type app, this might be the one.


Screen & Controls

Using Star Contact is relatively simple and the design is perfectly functional, but certainly not inspired.


Speed & Stability

We've been running Star Contact for a while and have not run into any kind of issues. However, the devs warn that the app will not run on the HTC Desire or HTC EVO.


Price/Performance Ratio

Star Contact is free for download from Google Play.



Star Contact -- Search easy Star Contact -- Search easy


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    Jay O. Dec 1, 2012 Link to comment

    Thanks for your feedback. Not all devices have this feature, especially older generation devices. It goes without saying that if your device does provide this search tool there's no need to download an app that does it for you.

  • this is already an integral part of HTC sense. isn't it part of every android system? why do we need to install an extra app for a feature already incorporated into our phones?

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