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Stupid Zombies - A Real Alternative to Angry Birds?

Stupid Zombies - A Real Alternative to Angry Birds?

Whatever you may think of the Angry Birds hype, there’s one thing you can’t deny: the game has gone completely viral. Given the immense success the developers have had with this game, it’s no wonder that other games are jumping on the Angry Birds bandwagon. Stupid Zombies is a game with some striking similarities with Angry Birds. The question is, does it offer anything new?


Reviewed version Latest version
1.4.1 2.0.4

Features & Use

Angry Birds is without a doubt one of the most popular Android games out there. Using colorful birds as missiles to destroy constructions made out of different materials is both fun and innovative as a game concept. Within a very short time, the game has acquired a cult following.

So what does Stupid Zombies have in common with Angry Birds? Zombies and birds may be extremely different, but the basic idea behind the two games is very similar. The slingshot from Angry Birds is replaced by a shotgun in Stupid Zombies. Using the shotgun you have to knock down all the zombies in every level. Unlike Angry Birds, real bullets are used as ammunition instead of birds. Just as there are different kinds of birds, Stupid Zombies offers different kinds of bullets. The type and number of bullets available is set for every level and cannot be changed.

  • Normal bullet: One regular bullet.
  • Shotgun pellet: Fires three bullets simultaneously. Individual bullets cannot be controlled.
  • Impact pellets: Shoots like a regular bullet at first, but splits into two more bullets when it hits an obstacle.
  • Grenades: Flies in a curve and explodes as soon as it hits a zombie or damages an obstacle for the third time.

The four different types of ammo add variety to the game, but the birds from Angry Birds are still way more fun. It’s important to mention that it takes a while before you reach levels where you will have to use more serious ammunition. To sum it up, it’s difficult to identify a winner between these two games because the game concept is virtually identical. The only thing is that Angry Birds includes a basic game plot – something which is completely missing in Stupid Zombies.

And what about the enemies? In Angry Birds pigs are entrenched in buildings and defend themselves with helmets from incoming attacks, but remain motionless in the same spot. In contrast to that the zombies in Stupid Zombies move around from time to time. Not unlike their pigs brethren, the zombies protect themselves by putting pots and garbage cans on their heads. In this respect, the zombies are bit more interesting than the pigs in Angry Birds (or the monkeys in Angry Birds: Rio).

In both games interactive and exciting levels are must. Who wins out here? Clearly, it’s Angry Birds. The game is full of detailed well-designed levels with interesting constructions. It’s actually fun to see the buildings collapse in front of your eyes. Stupid Zombies, however, also offers a good physics engine. The way the zombies move and fall is very realistic and convincing. As far as the levels themselves are concerned, Angry Birds is a clear frontrunner. Whereas Stupid Zombies uses the same materials in all its levels, the levels in Angry Birds are always made of something different: rock, wood, ice, metal and more. That makes destroying things with Angry Birds that much more fun.

An important factor in Stupid Zombies is the fact that bullets can ricochet. Some levels can only be solved by bouncing bullets off other objects. More importantly, Stupid Zombies offers something that is missing in Angry Birds: mechanical objects! You often have to shoot switches or activate certain levels in order to complete a level. All in all, however, Angry Birds makes a better impression as a result of its beautiful design and variety. But make sure to keep another thing in mind: Stupid Zombies includes 420 levels! Now that’s impressive.

Bottom Line:
Angry Birds definitely beats Stupid Zombies in terms of ammunition, game plot and levels. On the flipside, Stupid Zombies has a slight advantage in terms of characters, number of levels and other small details. Still there’s simply no way of getting around it: Angry Birds is still my favorite. But that doesn’t make Stupid Zombies a bad game. I strongly recommend trying out this game for those looking for a fun game.

Screen & Controls

Stupid Zombies is much easier to control than Angry Birds. All you have to do is move your finger across the screen, position the crosshairs just right and let go of the finger to shoot. Even the menus are self-explanatory and simple to use. In terms of graphics, the game can’t compete with the charm of Angry Birds. Stupid Zombies isn’t ugly, it’s just a bit more modest.

Speed & Stability

Worked like a charm on the Galaxy Tab, but crashed twice on the Nexus S. Aside from that, Stupid Zombies performed very reliably.

Price/Performance Ratio

Stupid Zombies is available for free from the Android Market and comes with ads in the menus.


Stupid Zombies - A Real Alternative to Angry Birds? Stupid Zombies - A Real Alternative to Angry Birds? Stupid Zombies - A Real Alternative to Angry Birds? Stupid Zombies - A Real Alternative to Angry Birds? Stupid Zombies - A Real Alternative to Angry Birds?

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  • Sorin Dec 21, 2017 Link to comment

    Ohh, no zombie, please, I like Birds !

  • Another really good Angry Birds style game is FlingMonster. I just started playing and it's got me hooked.

  • It really is good for a free app. However, I find Angry Birds much more interesting with the variety of birds to toss. In Stupid Zombies, there are much less levels when compared to Angry Birds. Since both apps are free, you might want to download both and make your own decision.

  • yeah, unfortunately it only works on phones running 2.2 and higher :(

  • Kobi Apr 24, 2011 Link to comment

    don't see it in the market
    HTC hero, android 2.1

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