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Subway Surfers – A better Temple Run?
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Subway Surfers – A better Temple Run?

Already a classic, I'm sure all of you will have heard of Temple Run: I mean, it's only one of the most popular games for Android and iOS. It's been cloned numerous times already, and while some of the clones can be downright snooze fests others have taken the addictive Temple Run gameplay and, well, run with it and made it better. I'm thinking of Subway Surfers here, a fairly new game discovery of mine, but one that's already been rated over 80 000 times (garnering a 4 1/5 star overall rating, no less).

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Reviewed version Latest version
1.4.0 1.84.0

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Android version: 4.1.1
Root: No
Modifications: None

The premise of Subway Surfers is similar to Temple Run. You play a sprayer who's looking to spruce up a train wagon—but his plans are thwarted by a grumpy security guard and his equally grumpy dog. Our sprayer makes a mad dash for it, but the problem is that the wagon is, of course, located on the train tracks which are your only escape route. Three tracks run parallel, and trains run up and down these tracks regularly. Other obstacles will also have to be evaded, including train wagons parked on the tracks.

In order to collect extra points and bonuses you will have to collect coins, some of which will appear atop of moving trains. This calls for acrobatic feats that include running up ramps and jumping onto the moving vehicles, which in turn calls for concentration so as to not wind up under the train—ouch!

If you're just starting out you will notice that your score is much lower than what your friends are boasting. This is because scores are multiplied by a Multiplier (no, d-uh) and when you start off its value is 1. Complete missions in order to change this. To do so, hit pause and have a look at what goals have to be accomplished.

Several bonus items will come in handy along the way. Use the jetpack to fly through the air and glide over the tracks, collecting coins along the way. The Super Sneakers are also fun: slip them on and enjoy doing mega jumps, straight to the tops of trains! The Coin Magnet will attract all coins in your vicinity, and the 2X Multiplier is a great tool also: it will multiply your score for you for a short while, meaning you can rake in a lot of points fast.

Check out the shop if you wish to purchase bonus objects, coins or boosts. The latter can also be collected at random intervals throughout the game. Boosts are: the Hoverboard (an extra life), Mystery Box (which holds a surprise object), Headstart (well, yes, you get a head start) and another pair of Boots.

Sign into the main menu with Facebook in order to share high scores with friends and make a few extra coins on the side when you friends have attempted 50 new surfs. Be warned that the game is very addictive, partly because it brings out a player's competitive nature.

The music and sound effects are pretty good. If you don't like them simply switch them off.

Bottom line:

If you liked Temple Run we predict you'll love Subway Surfers—but be warned that you'll probably develop a bit of an addiction. A fun, simple concept and lots of cool features makes this free game a clear winner in our book.

Screen & Controls

Switch lanes by swiping rather than tilting the device; this is pretty neat as it means that you can have your device lying flat on a table or surface and still play.

The Subway Surfers graphics didn't blow us away, but I personally rather like the game's cartoon style and unique quality.

Speed & Stability

Subway Surfers performed absolutely fluidly and was very stabile. No lags or jolts on the Galaxy Note 2 or on lower-end devices.

Price/Performance Ratio

Subway Surfers is free of charge. You can buy upgrades and coin packages for real money but you certainly don't have to.
An ad banner is displayed every time you start up the game, but you can hide it as soon as it appears.


Subway Surfers – A better Temple Run? Subway Surfers – A better Temple Run? Subway Surfers – A better Temple Run? Subway Surfers – A better Temple Run? Subway Surfers – A better Temple Run? Subway Surfers – A better Temple Run? Subway Surfers – A better Temple Run?


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