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Super Dynamite Fishing - Guaranteed to Blow You Away!

Super Dynamite Fishing - Guaranteed to Blow You Away!

The problem with cell phone games is that they tend to get really boring, really quickly. Fortunately, Super Dynamite Fishing is a rare exception! This game requires a lot of skill, endurance, planning, problem-solving and forces you to be careful with your money.

We’ve tested this new game for you. Find out what lurks under the surface of Super Dynamite Fishing in today’s test.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.1 1.2.5

Features & Use

Here’s the lowdown on Super Dynamite Fishing:

You are Redneck Joe, a regular guy that is trying to deal with the challenges of life: unpaid bills, alimony payments to his ex-wife, presents for his current girlfriend…Every day is filled with financial disasters that Joe has to manage. And what’s the best way to get out this rut? Work, work and work again! Redneck Joe earns most of his living from hunting and fishing like any good ol’ American. Throwing dynamite, car batteries and other toxic material into the water – those are Joe’s highly unethical but efficient means of catching the most possible fish.

With prices going through the roof as a result of the economic recession, Joe has to constantly find new ways to keep his business profitable and efficient. Your job is to help him manage his illegal fishing industry.

Keep several goals in mind

Super Dynamite Fishing requires a lot of strategic thinking and planning. That’s the only way to success in this game.

Boat size

The bigger the boat, the more room you have to store fish and weapons. Obviously, big boats cost a lot of money, so you have to make sure to spend your dollars wisely.


Weapons can be purchased from a shaddy weapons dealer. You have access to a limited amount of weapons every day regardless of how much money or boat space you have. There is not way to get around the daily weapons ration.

Presents for your girlfriend

Joe’s girlfriend Rosemary is terribly spoiled! Keeping this high-maintenance girl satisfied requires purchasing a lot of expensive gifts. Don’t forget about Rosemary’s needs!

Daily costs

Everyday Joe has a seemingly never-ending pile of (ridiculous) bills to pay. Sometimes it’s a donation for a political party; sometimes it’s to pay for a shipment of cod liver oil. With increasing prices on everything, these bills can get quickly out of hand.

A couple of tips on how to save money

I’ve had the game for a couple of days now. At first I had seriously underestimated just how complex this game really is. In Joe’s motor home you’ll find a newspaper and an order book. Make sure to read both carefully for useful information.

The newspaper tells you current fish prices. Different kinds of fish live in different habitats. The prices vary depending on the type of fish you wish to sell. Judging from the current prices, you can calculate whether it’s more efficient to fish at a lake or on the seaside.

Your mission log is extremely important. Here you can see all the special missions that can help you earn big bucks. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial to check your mailbox regularly and prioritize your tasks efficiently.

Bottom Line:

This game is so captivating that I had a hard time breaking loose from it to write this test report. The great thing about this game is that you can start playing right off the bat without really knowing all of the rules. Gradually, you start understanding and discovering the complexity and genius of this game.

Super Dynamite Fishing is also full of silly and quirky humor. All the made-up names and titles are hilarious and should not be taken seriously. In one of your missions called Viva la Revolution!, a group of fish from the Raving River have started up a revolution against your dynamite attacks. Your goal is to snatch their leader and have a nice one-on-one chat to bring him to his senses.

The game sucks you in right away and doesn’t let go. You can spend hours playing Super Dynamite Fishing without ever getting bored. An unequivocal five star rating for this game.

Screen & Controls

Amazing game, amazing graphics

The Super Dynamite Fishing graphics are very impressive. The general comic-book theme works really well with the game’s overall concept. Without being too elaborate, the characters and their facial expressions are extremely well-designed.

Despite the game’s general complexity, the controls are very intuitive.

Super Dynamite Fishing has great controls:

Purchasing boats and weapons, viewing tasks and selecting fishing spots

Individual locations can be accessed via the main map:

  • Individual spots where Joe can fish
  • Rosemary’s house: here you can buy gifts for Joe’s beloved
  • Weapons store: here you can buy fishing weapons for Joe
  • Shipyard: new boats can be purchased here
  • Joe’s motor home: here you’ll find the mission log and newspaper that contain important information. FYI: if you notice an envelope on the main map – open it immediately!

Simply click a location to go there.

Controlling the boot, fishing and hunting

The boat is controlled with your Android’s motion sensors. Using your phone as a steering wheel, you can move left and right across the water. Keep in mind that your boat is always going in a circle. In other words, if you keep going right long enough you’ll end up right where you started. Fish that have already been caught remain on the surface of the water and do not disappear.

To catch the fish, you first have to select an appropriate weapon by clicking on the right icon at the bottom right. Tap a location in the water to throw your weapon in that direction.

Joe automatically switches to the next available weapon as soon as he runs out of ammo.

Just click on any bird to hunt it. Joe automatically switches to a shotgun without you having to tell him. The hunting fun is over as soon as you run out of bullets.

Bottom Line:

The controls are extremely simple and easy to understand. The graphics are simply outstanding. An excellent game all around!

Speed & Stability

Super Dynamite Fishing runs without any crashes. I did, however, notice a slight lag after playing the game for a while. I can’t tell for sure what the reason behind this could me. My battery was noticeably hot when the lag occurred. It’s entirely possible that it had something to do with the processor overheating.

The app supports App-to-SD.


Price/Performance Ratio

Super Dynamite Fishing can be downloaded from the Google Market and the AndroidPIT App Center.

The game costs €2.99 and is worth every cent.



Super Dynamite Fishing - Guaranteed to Blow You Away! Super Dynamite Fishing - Guaranteed to Blow You Away! Super Dynamite Fishing - Guaranteed to Blow You Away! Super Dynamite Fishing - Guaranteed to Blow You Away! Super Dynamite Fishing - Guaranteed to Blow You Away! Super Dynamite Fishing - Guaranteed to Blow You Away!

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