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Super Stickman Golf

Super Stickman Golf

Stretch you memory back to the days of mobile telephone yore: golf games were some of the first to appear on mobile phones. In honour of this game category dinosaur, we are testing Super Stickman Golf for you today. Read on and find out whether it's a hole in one.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.9 2.2

Features & Use

Test device
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Android version: 3.2
Root: Yes
Modifications: None

Permissions: They seem perfectly harmless and kosher.

As mentioned in the intro, golf games have a long history on mobile phones, and I had been on the prowl for a fun contemporary version from this genre. I wanted something modern to enjoy on the Galaxy Tab, but also something that hit the retro nostalgia spot. Super Stickman Golf seems to fulfill all of these criteria, so let's take a look at what the app has to offer.

Play up to 280 holes—now that's a lot. At first the stickman has to make his way through a few easy (and. Truth be told, almost boring) rounds, but this is just to warm up. Once you've gotten the hang of things it gets a bit trickier. In fact, things get a lot trickier, but luckily before every nine holes you can select seven special balls. When you first start off, however, only the Mulligan ball is available, which allows you to reverse your last stroke—and let me tell you that this ball is a God's send!

As a reward for completing certain challenges, you are given new special balls:

  • Sticky Ball: sticks everywhere
  • Ice Ball: freezes water
  • Hazard Swap: swaps sand for water obstacles and vice versa
  • Air Breaks: touch the screen and the ball will instantly drop to the ground
  • Super Ball: fly, fly away!
  • Nitro Ball

I usually go for three Mulligans, two Stickys and two Supers I find this combo allows me to master most rounds. The other balls are fun and useful, but this is what works best for me (though it does depend on the round, of course). The golf courses are nicely designed, but sometimes very hard to get through.

Bottom line:

Super Stickman Golf is great fun, but not in the long run. It's a good game to play for a few minutes here and there. I had this idea that the game could benefit from some moving elements (e.g. platforms) being incorporated...


Screen & Controls

In today's world of remarkable mobile gaming graphics, we can easily slip into the mode judging games with more stripped down, 'simpler' graphics too harshly. As far as Super Stickman Golf goes I saw: hats off to the nice 2D graphics! The app takes full advantage of the resolution the Galaxy Tab has to offer and the result is nice and sharp. Effects are fun, but it seems like there could've been more attention to detail given when designing the levels, some of which seem a bit lifeless.

Controls are super simple.


Speed & Stability

Super Stickman Golf runs smoothly and while loading times are perfectly decent, they are a bat of an eye too long for my


Price/Performance Ratio

Super Stickman Golf is available for free download from the Market. Special balls can also be activated via purchase, but this is not a necessary prerequisite to enjoy the game. There are no ads!


Super Stickman Golf Super Stickman Golf Super Stickman Golf Super Stickman Golf

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