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Super Tumble

Authored by: Deactivated Account — May 25, 2010

The Camel Games developers have already scored a few hits with their apps: Space Physics, Shoot U!, and Blow Up have all been successful. Read on in order to find out whether Super Tumble will do them proud, too.


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1.1.5 1.4.5

Features & Use

Here’s a quick run down of the gameplay: there’s a star located on top of a pile of blocks, and the goal of the game is to deposit the star on the platform located in the bottom part of the screen. In order to do that you have to destroy the blocks by clicking on them, and thus bringing the star closer to the platform. Depending on how the other bits fall down, it may happen that the star gets knocked off the platform; if this happens you don’t pass the level. This means that you have to manipulate the laws of gravity and physics in order to make it to the next level.

The piles are made up of blocks of different sizes and have different functions, which you’ll soon realize once you start playing (some of them explode, others dissolve when they're hit by other falling blocks...). There are also balloons, attached to either some of the blocks or else to the star itself, which can be useful as this will make for a very gentle descent towards the platform. You can make the balloons explode by clicking on them.

There are 80 levels, and as we’ve come to expect from the Camel Games crew, the graphics and the sound design are pretty sweet.

That being said, I didn’t get as addicted to Super Tumble as I did to Shoot U!, but it’s good fun anyway.

Screen & Controls

Super Tumble does quite well in the looks department. The menus are also well designed, both aesthetically and in the sense that they’re easy to use.

The buttons on the start screen give you access to the following options:

• Play
• Level Select
• Highscores
• More Games

You’ll find a button on the upper left which allows you to switch off the sound.

Pressing on Play brings you back to the last level you were playing. When you first start playing and press Level Select you can jump around the different levels; however, once you’ve made it through a few levels you’ll only be able to access the ones you’ve already passed.

During a game, you can see which level you’ve reached in the lower left corner. In the bottom right corner you’ll find a button that lets you start the level over again. A timer is shown in the upper left. Once you’ve made a move (i.e. destroyed one of the blocks in the pile), you’ll have to wait a moment before you can make the next.

The menu button gives you the following options:

• Main Menu
• Sound Off/On
• Cancel

Often you won’t be able to see the entire construction on top of which the start rests, so you might want to scroll up and down by sliding your finger across the screen.

In order to pass a level you have to place the star on the platform, and in order to do that you have to click on the bits that make up the pile, as already mentioned. These bits will then disintegrate or explode, thus bringing the star closer to the ground, because all the elements in Super Tumble obey the laws of gravity. The thing to watch out for is that the star really makes it on to the platform and doesn’t tumble off the edge into oblivion.

Bottom line:

The Camel Games guys have scored a few more brownie points with Super Tumble. I had a lot of fun testing this game, and recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the other games created by the same team.

Speed & Stability

No problems whatsoever to report.

Price/Performance Ratio

Super Tumble can be downloaded for $2,99 from the Android Market.


Super Tumble Super Tumble Super Tumble Super Tumble Super Tumble

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