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Super Tumble (LITE)

Authored by: Deactivated Account — Nov 8, 2010

Today I’m reviewing a game for you which calls for a good sense of logic as well as a healthy dose of concentration.

The challenge in Super Tumble (LITE) is to guide a gold star down from the top of a mountain (which is made up of a bunch of wooden shapes) and to carefully set it down on to a platform.

How can this be done? Read on in order to find out.

This review was written by Paulina Gegenheimer, a high school student and big Android fan.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.3.2 1.4.5

Features & Use

When you start playing Super Tumble (LITE) the first thing you see is the following: a platform atop of which wooden pieces are jumbled together, and golden star is perched at the very top of this constellation. In every level the goal is the same: to safely get the star down from the summit and lay it on to the platform. This is only possible by taking the mountain apart bit by bit, thus getting the star closer and closer to the ground.

This isn’t quite as easy as it might sound, seeing as the figurine mountain’s equilibrium can easily be destroyed if you remove the wrong piece.
If the balance is destroyed the mountain topples over and all the wooden bits come crashing down, as does the star.

The game thus calls for caution. Choose the pieces you want to remove wisely, and think before you act.
All you need do to remove a piece is touch it gently with your finger; it will then explode into lots of tiny fragments and make room for new pieces. There’s a small stop watch in the upper right corner of the display which has to do a full circle before you can remove another wooden bit. This means that it’s only possible to remove pieces every few seconds.

Be warned: not every piece is made of robust wood! There are a few weak, silver colored ones that are so fragile that they shatter if the star drops down a few centimeters (which happens every time you remove a wooden bit). If this happens you risk messing up the mountain’s balance.

There are also a few red-ish colored bits which burst and destroy the other pieces in their immediate vicinity.

If you manage to escort the star down on to the ground despite all the obstacles you’ve successfully completed the level and can get cracking on the next one.
Unfortunately, the Lite version comes with only 12 levels so you get through them quite quickly. Aside from this I like Super Tumble (LITE) which really lives up to its name.

Screen & Controls

The gameplay isn’t the only reason why I like the app which I’m reviewing for you today; the design totally kills it, too.

An old factory is the game’s setting. The objects look like moving crates and little wheels and dials are strewn into the mix.

I’m also very satisfied as far as controls go.
It’s easy to get the hang of the game right from the first time you play it. If you press the Play Game button you can get started right away and will also find brief instructions in the display margin.

You can regulate the sound (on/off) on the top left corner of the screen and can interrupt the game or go back to the main menu via the menu button.
Super Tumble (LITE)’s main menu’s design is also pretty cool. The two options Levels and High Score are simple but practical.

Speed & Stability

I was satisfied with Super Tumble (LITE)‘s speed. The time it took to load the game weren’t at all unreasonable and I didn’t have to wait very long before I could start playing the game.

Where the app’s speed was totally acceptable the game’s stability left a lot to be desired. After I shut the app down and restarted it again several times I saw that there was something wrong with the main menu. I could no longer find the button to start the game and when I clicked on Levels I got the High Scores…


Price/Performance Ratio

Super Tumble (LITE) can be downloaded free of cost from the Market. The pro version costs 1,99 USD.


Super Tumble (LITE) Super Tumble (LITE) Super Tumble (LITE) Super Tumble (LITE)

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