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[Survey] What was your first mobile phone?

[Survey] What was your first mobile phone?

I know it's hard to imagine a world without mobile phones but I can assure you it really existed. Do you remember? Even us folks over here at AndroidPIT like to reminisce over past cell phones. Googling past mobile phones brought us on a walk down memory lane and filled our hearts with warmth. Tell us your story. 

erstes handy
 © Holly and Mc/flickr.com/AndroidPIT

Much has happened since you held your first mobile phone in your hands. The number of technological milestones since then make us laugh at those old ''bricks'' we once held dear to our hearts (and ears). Remember the first color display, ring tones and camera? Then of course, there was the first touchscreen of course, which made all Trekkie fans need to change their underwear when they first hit the stores. Our readers from younger generations are probably shaking their hands at the toy-like blocks that we once thought were quite nifty. Mobile phones have been around for 40 years now and have only really exploded in the last 5-10 years. That being said, some out there, like me, are late-bloomers.

LG VX5300
/ ©  lostmyphone.com

Once upon a time...when touchscreens didn't exist!

But where did it all begin? I was able to borrow my first mobile phone from a boyfriend in 2002 and was amazed by the simple task of sending an SMS and spent hours sending my friends text messages in the middle of the night while developing acute thumb skills and a new vocab of acronyms like LOL, BRB and BTW. Back in the day, parents just shook their heads in wonder but even they are catching on now. After my dad threw my first headset out of the window, fed up with my phone addiction and worried that I may develop some type of disease, it was quite a while until I acquired my very own.

galaxy s3
Now it never leaves my side. © AndroidPIT

As a ''late bloomer'' in the mobile world, I acquired my first phone in my 2nd year of University in 2006 which happened to be a beautiful white LG VX5300 and was quite pleased with its flip-open functionality. Afterwards, I stayed with the LG and Samsung and acquired a few more models down the road until I arrived to my red baby, the Samsung Galaxy S3 where the world of smartphones opened at my feet. Once I dove in, I never looked back. Out of school and with a little money in my pocket, I had enough for a great data plan and all the neat features I could ever want. Even I as a late bloomer, I can't imagine going back to those old clunky mobile phones of the past.

What's your story? What was your first mobile phone? Or if you aren't such a dinosaur like me, what was your first smartphone? 

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  • Mine was a Motorola CD930 back in 2002 xD

  • My first phone was an Ericsson SH888 in 2000. It was like a brick. I was able to receive text messages but the phone didn't have the capacity to send... I went to a party with it one day and felt like a misfit because everyone else had a Nokia 6130 that was 'sleek' at that time. After that I had a few Nokia's that were much smaller and lighter. My how times have changed!

  • red Jun 19, 2013 Link to comment

    Mine was an LG 44{something, something) can't remember last two numbers. But I remember it was Air Touch service provider and I had 17 mins/month contact. I never went over mins!

    To Phillip: it is very strange to me to that hardly anyone comments and everyone mostly lurks. Too bad in a way. At least I know it's not just Android users since you said Germany comments. Thanks for your insight.

  • Nokia 5110 ... back in 1998 ... on sale @ Circuit City (wow! remember that Consumer Electronic Store? Like COMP USA ... going going g-o-n-e!)

  • My1 Jun 17, 2013 Link to comment

    @Loie indeed, thx. corrected and it was the Nokia 3410 (like the 3310, but with 2 Softkeys...

    but off-topic, why is the English AndroidPit almost uncommented in comparison to the German In German A-Pit you find very few 1 Digit Comment blogs. here they are all over, is the EN APit not intresting or what???

  • @Philipp: I think you meant digit. Also, why don't you share your first mobile phone?

  • A Motorola Microtac 725. After that was a Kyrocera candybar with modded clear case and bright LED's that lit up when the phone transmitted. Those where the days LOL

  • A Motorola Brick in the early 90's, Boy did I think I was important when I went to the pub, lol.

  • My1 Jun 17, 2013 Link to comment

    well quite weird, on of the very few articles with a 2 digit comment number, lol in German APit we have over 300 comments. and 100 came upon an hour...


  • Motorola 1983

  • Bosch Com 607 in 1997 - my first mobile phone

  • Imran Jun 16, 2013 Link to comment

    sony ericsson T86

  • wkm001 Jun 16, 2013 Link to comment

    My first phone was a Nokia 100 in 1998. I was an intern at Wal-Mart headquarters in Bentonville Arkansas. Rather than calling collect or using a calling card it was marginally more expensive to buy a used phone and pay for airtime with Alltel. As I was heading back to Virginia at the end of the summer I was trying to use up my minutes before I left the calling area. I hopped on 40 west instead of 40 east.

  • Motorola StarTac. Oh, the memories.

  • 1997Phillips Diga I think, single line grey screen, no sms and a sim the size of a credit card!
    2001 Motorola V30, impressively small flip phone that added sms, still got it.
    2003 a series of popular Nokia candy bar phones
    2007ish an early HTC windows mobile that I realy liked
    2009 a Samsung flip phone that I can't remember ( upgrade madness)
    2010 HTC wildfire, loved android right away
    2012 HTC sensation, bought this second hand and went sim only from a provider. 2013 just upgrading to an S3, I'm happy to be a generation behind. I can afford to buy handset and get a better deal sim only.

  • My first phone was a Motorola MicroTAC International 7500. Back in 1995. The first flipphone. The simcard, at creditcard size, went completely into the bottom of the phone.

  • lol umm I probably got my first phone in 2010-2011... it was an LG slider phone which i think was called Craze :) I remember that I felt so cool being able to text and Facebook like all my friends... only 1 of which had an iPhone (That has changed now I can tell you!). Nowadays i use my Desire C in a more sedate "if I need it" way :D

  • Gio A. Jun 15, 2013 Link to comment

    I remeber it was a Nokia and I think it was the Nokia 3310 because it was a gsm phone. which at the time was bang spanking new technology. had a lot of fun playing snake on it also, and chalenging friends at the time using infrared so we could play together.

  • Nokia 5110... back in 1996

  • motorola v60 verizon

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