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Surviving 21/12/12 With Your Android Smartphone

We all know that the world did not end today, as you are sitting comfortably in front of your computer (or tablet and smartphone), reading this article on just what your Android-powered smartphone is able to do when the apocalypse comes. First of all, don’t just own any Android-powered device, try to get something that has a large screen - the larger, the better. The Samsung Galaxy S3 would be a good bet, and the Galaxy Note 2 (as seen above) might be even better. I will get to the reasons after the jump.


For starters, you ought to have some sort of protective case for your smartphone/phablet to make sure that your device is able to last as long as possible, in addition to the all essential solar-powered charger. Once equipped with those, then you are more or less good to go. Some of the stuff you can do with your Android device over the apocalypse would be as follows...

Store as many e-books as possible, including at least one survival book just in case you end up in a less than ideal situation. Of course, having your favorite storybooks would also keep you occupied should you end up all alone on an island, or trapped in some corner, somewhere.

Other essential software would be a note taking app to jot down your thoughts and write your memoir (not connected to the cloud, as all communications networks might be down, and for a long, long time, too), in addition to a slew of games (various genres would be great, and long, drawn out ones like RPGs are ideal to help kill time. After all, you can never quite tell how long it will be before life returns to a semblance of normality, right?).

As for why you need a larger display, the simple reason is this - you might need to use it as a flashlight, or you can download one of those flashlight apps from the Google Play store beforehand that uses your phone’s camera flash as a flashlight. Otherwise, the large display would do well to offer some light in pitch black situations.

As for the bigger physical dimensions, when you couple that with a durable protective case, it could work as a crude weapon to knock someone over the head without compromising your smartphone’s structural integrity. Should you find yourself stranded on an island and want to eat some shellfish you caught for dinner without any rocks in sight, the volume and weight of the smartphone would make for a decent “hammer” to help you get to the sweet, succulent flesh within without doing a number on your pearly whites.

Of course, I am quite sure that there are far other innovative uses that you can think of for your Android-powered smartphone. Would you care to share some of them in the comments below?



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