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Swamp Defense - Tower Defense Meets Hicktown USA

Swamp Defense - Tower Defense Meets Hicktown USA

Old Hint, Hank, Maggie, Buster and Little Joe are all members of a family that is armed to the teeth and ready to fight even the fiercest monsters.

Old Hint can spray a gooey adhesive substance that he uses with his dentures, Hank can electrocute, Maggie uses kitchen utensils as weapons, Buster actually has a real gun and Little Joe can go a bit overboard with his rocket launcher.

What may sound like a B horror movie is the actual plot line of Swamp Defense.

The developers may not have sparred any efforts on creativity, but how does the game rank? Find out in our test report.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.07 1.54

Features & Use

Swamp Defense is a classic tower defense game except for one major difference: the towers have been replaced by redneck family members.

You can choose between different characters in this family of hicks:

  • Old Hint -> Does little damage, but slows down the enemy
  • Hank -> Tons of damage, shoots relentlessly
  • Maggie -> More damage in concentrated areas
  • Bister -> Moderate damage, average range, impressive shooting speed
  • Little Joe -> Wide range, high damage levels in concentrated areas.

You can place these badboys (and girls, of course!) anywhere you’d like to block the monsters path. Every monster killed equals more money in the safe that can be used to purchase new units or upgrade old ones. It’s also possible to resell your units albeit at a much lower price.

At the top of the screen, you can see how much money is left, how many more waves of monster attacks are coming and how many lives remain.

Every wave of monsters increases in strength and numbers – so be warned!

There aren’t any options available for the game, but frankly I can’t think of any that should be added.

You can check out the statistics in the menu. There you’ll find how many monsters you’ve killed, how many waves of attacks you’ve endured, how many minutes you’ve played and etc.

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t include any achievements or rewards. Games such as Robo Defense included awards and achievements that made the game more exciting and challenging.

Bottom Line:

The game does everything it promises to offer, but is nothing new or special in comparison to other existing tower defense games. For those of you unfamiliar with tower defense games, however, Swamp Defense is definitely worth a try!

Screen & Controls

Swamp Defense graphics are a bit childish and comic book-like. Various bits of animation in the game menu add to the general experience. The shooting animation is especially well done: everything is constantly exploding all around you.

The controls are simple and it doesn’t take long to get used to them. To place a new game character on the field, just tap any place on the screen.

Tap any unit (i.e family member) to sell or upgrade – it’s that easy.

Speed & Stability

Swamp Defense takes a really long time to load, but runs quickly once it starts up. The game crashed once when I tried to close it, but it seemed to be a one-time error.

Something I found to be quite irritating: the app shuts down every time you switch to doing something different. Every time I received a call, text message or anything else the app automatically quit. Although the game does save the point where you left off, it’s very annoying to have to wait so long for the app to reboot every time.

Price/Performance Ratio

Swamp Defense is available for €1.18 (~$1.74) from the App Center. That’s a fair price given the fact that a very similar game like Robo Defense costs a bit more.


Swamp Defense - Tower Defense Meets Hicktown USA Swamp Defense - Tower Defense Meets Hicktown USA Swamp Defense - Tower Defense Meets Hicktown USA

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