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SystemApp Remover -- Full Access?

A lot of users are grateful and happy with/for the pre-installed apps that come with smartphones, but there's also a school of Android users that prefer to pick and choose all of their apps and thus find the pre-installed applications to be pesky rather than useful. We tested SystemApp Remover for you, an application that promises to rid you of system apps as well as all other apps. Find out more in today's review. (Please note that root is required in order to de-install system apps.)


Reviewed version Latest version
4.27 4.28

Features & Use

As soon as SystemApp Remover starts up it begins loading installed applications. This takes only a few seconds. The version number and change-log of the last update are then displayed, along with the options 'Move Apps' and 'Restore Apps' and whether Busybox is installed and activated. There are also two tabs linking to normal and system apps near the bottom of the display.

According to the developers 'Move Apps' is still in the experimental phase; this transforms normal apps into system apps. The developers also point out that the process has to be repeated in case moved apps are updated on the Market.

The app can also save, deactivate and restore system apps and send log data to the developers for troubleshooting. You can also mark apps as critical (red), potentially critical (yellow) or probably redundant (green) via 'Assist is Off'. This feature may be useful for newbies, but our advice would be not to put too much stock in it as system complications may otherwise arise.

Bottom line:
SystemApp Remover doesn't provide susers with a broad spectrum of useful features, but it certainly does what it's meant to do. Some clever ideas have been realised in the functions, such as transcribing normal apps into the system partition.

Screen & Controls

The SystemApp Remover is relatively sleek and pared down. The colour choice for the assistant is well thought out.

Speed & Stability

The speed at which SystemApp Remover loads apps is awesome. We tested the app on a device that has over 330 apps stored on it, and they were loaded within seconds. Creating backups is also taken care of in a jiffy. The app is also very solid and stable.

Price/Performance Ratio

SystemApp Remover can be downloaded for €0,70.


SystemApp Remover -- Full Access? SystemApp Remover -- Full Access?

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