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T-Mobile Explains Why They Don't Want the iPhone

Apple forces carriers to sign billion dollar deals in order to carry the newest iPhone, but T-Mobile has always refused to get suckered into these kind of agreements. The carrier has never offered the iPhone, but they don't seem to care. Yesterday, one of their executives explained that being able to offer Apple's latest and greatest just isn't worth the hassle. 

Jim Alling, CEO of T-Mobile explained to the press at a press conference in Barcelona, Spain: 

"Make no mistake about it: We would love to carry the iPhone. However, we want the economies to be right for us."

Boom. See Apple? Not everyone wants to sign a four year, $15.5 bullion deal with you (that's how much Sprint paid in 2011). That said, there are apparantly over 1.5 million users on T-Mobile's network using unlocked iPhones, so certainly there's some demand there. But since T-Mobile can offer these users with a SIM card for an unlocked iPhone, why offer the phone? With Android taking a far greater market share, it looks like carriers can carry on just fine without the iPhone.

Source: Apple Insider


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  • Wow.... Just wow....

    A company that doesn't even sell the phone has 1.5 million subscribers using iPhones.

    Yeah. There's obviously no demand for iPhones and Apple is on their last leg. They'll be liquidated any day now.

  • I phone is good but we all know that it can't be android

  • Apple is just bullshit. Non wonder T Mobile wont pay for a phone that almost nobody wants (according to some statistics). If Apple wont come up with a good Idea like they did with the iPod, they will be begging for money at the banks any tine soon!

  • boom indeed. love my S3