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Will The Tablet PC Overtake Laptops In 2013?
Microsoft Surface Hardware 4 min read 16 comments

Will The Tablet PC Overtake Laptops In 2013?


Apple, Microsoft, and Google all have one very big focus in 2012: They all want a bigger piece of the increasingly popular tablet PC market. We all know that choice is an important factor when it comes to consumer spending, and with all the upcoming choices coming from multiple tablet manufacturers in 2012, could laptops soon start to become a thing of the past?

Tablet PC Vs Laptop: The gap is closing

As of this moment, tablet PC’s don’t offer enough to completely replace laptops. I mean sure, there’s pretty much “an app for everything”, but if you want to play Call of Duty Black Ops, you still need a powerful laptop. That being said, tablets are getting EXTREMELY close to laptops these days in terms of what they’re capable of, and even if you can’t get a full dose of Call of Duty on your tablet just yet, games like Modern Warfare or Dead Trigger will offer an FPS experience that would blow your mind.

There are multiple productivity apps for tablet PC’s that offer similar services to apps that we use everyday (such as Microsoft word, Office, Photoshop, ect), and as each year goes by, these apps continue to get better and better, with many having their own dedicated tablet versions. There are even ways of connecting with printers and scanners, and if your tablet has a keyboard dock, it can take the place of a tablet in a very big way. So what do tablets need in order to replace laptops all together?

In terms of hardware, tablets are quickly catching laptops

In terms of hardware, times have changed. It’s now nothing special to see a tablet PC rocking a quad core processor and 2GB of RAM. But in order for me to completely throw my laptop out the window, I would personally need more. This is where Microsoft and their upcoming Windows 8 tablets enter the picture.

Some of the upcoming Win8 tablets from companies like Samsung, Sony, and Microsoft are shipping with 4GB of RAM, Intel I5 processors, and almost a terabyte of space. They also ship with THE original Microsoft Office, and include ports for plugging up your hardware, just as you would on your laptop. This isn't a tablet in the sense of launching apps. Oh no..this is a full on laptop. If it’s possible for me to somehow install data from DVD’s and CD’s, I could honestly see me picking one of these up sometime in 2013. Maybe you think I’m putting too much confidence in Windows 8? Well, to each his own. All I can say is this: I’ve seen Win 8 tablets, I’ve used them, and the ones I have tried have blown me away.

Still room for Android?

Does that mean I would ditch my Android tablet PC? By no means. I need and love the apps, as well as the Android ecosystem, which is something I can’t constantly say about Microsoft and Windows 8. Android literally booms with potential, and is constantly improving year on year in so many ways. That being said, I could very much imagine having an Android tablet and a Windows 8 tablet at some point in the very near future, and with mobile hardware improving at the rate it is now, I can imagine that I’m not the only person who can envision completely getting rid of their laptop in the next 2 to 3 years. PC sales are very much down, while tablet sales are exploding. Coincidence? I doubt it.

What do you guys think? Will tablet PC’s slowly start replacing laptops in 2013?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  • Oh, the infinity is not available in my county :( Only the 64 GB version which costs 700€ (about 900$) WITHOUT the keyboard dock and I can't pay that much for a single tablet. We're most likely gonna buy a 7 inch tablet for my dad too (Nexus 7 maybe?) so we're gonna have to pay about 1200€ (1550$) if I also get the Infinity and its dock....

  • Lol @Mike, even if the keyboard doesn't support third party auto correction, that would be in no way a deal breaker!! XP I'm definitely gonna buy an Asus tablet.

  • While i use SwiftKey as my primary keyboard, i dont have the keyboard dock to test that for you. I may pick up a dock soon, if i do before you purchase then I'll test it for you. I'd reccomend you dont wait though, and buy an Asus tablet now!! They are by far my favorite tablet manufacturer and build amazing devices for us!!! You will NOT be dissapointed!!!

  • @Anna F., while the TF300 is an excellent tablet, I'd reccomend the new Asus Infinty(TF700). It is an amazing device with a gorgeous dispay!!! I had the Asus Prime, girlfriend got it after I bought the Infinty, and the Infinty is much better!!!

  • No idea on your swiftkey point I'm afraid, I dont really use it

  • @Glostermeteor Thanks for answering!! This is great! Couple the keyboard with the Tegra 3 processor and you pretty much have a great gaming laptop :P Now the only question that remains is whether or not it will get the JB 4.2 update... But I guess it will, right? I mean, it was released some months ago and already got 4.1..

    Oh yeah, one more question. Let's say you have SwiftKey installed and you type using the keyboard dock; will SwiftKey's text prediction still work?

  • Hi Anna, it depends on the game and whether they have mapped keyboard controls but in general yes, so for example I have downloaded max payne and the keyboard works with that

  • Rutger Oct 30, 2012 Link to comment

    In a few years the laptops will be raplced by Surface-like tabelts but I still think Ultrbooks will be used.

    The interesting is what will happen with the stationary machines? Will they be the next thing to redeisgn? Will they ever dissapear if you think of the advanced games you can run on them for a cheap price (compared to a equal Laptop)?

    And I'm talking about games like GTA V, CoD, B.F. aso.

  • Oh, I want to ask something. Does the keyboard of the TF300 also function as a game controller? Like, can you use the arrow buttons to play games on a GBA emulator etc? If it does, I'm not gonna hold off anymore. I'mma buy it right now!

  • No the windows surface has a i5 mobile processor not a i7, but it literally is a computer tablet running full windows 8 and I really want one lol

  • I just have replaced my laptop, I am typing this on an Asus Transformer TF300. With a 500GB external HD for extra storage, moving my emails to gmail, and with productivity apps such as Quick Office, it has easily replaced my clunky laptop. It's a new world we're entering in to, with so much competition, its great......

  • I just heard from Best Buy that there's a Windows tablet in the works that will have an i7 cpu and a GTX 660m gpu.......................... my mind is blown.......................

  • Linda Oct 29, 2012 Link to comment

    I want one but I can't afford one. Disability sucks

  • It is inevitable that the tablet PCs will replace laptops. Everybody loves small and convenient devices. I will gladly trade in my very heavy laptop for a nice light bit of modern equipment. I need to have fully operable office programs and at the same time I love to play rather intricate games. A tough combination, I know, but I also believe that within the next 24 months such a thing will be readily available. But, really, 2 devices and 2 different operating systems and double the price? No, I absolutely cannot see that happening. One or the other must convince me. Let the contest begin.

  • Same :)

  • I hope they do replace them.