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Take the Color Blindness Test and Share Your Results (Not Your VDs)

Take the Color Blindness Test and Share Your Results (Not Your VDs)

Do you suffer from color blindness?

That’s a silly question, of course you don’t! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to see this pink text I’m writing in.

Just kidding, it’s not actually pink- did I freak you out there? No? Okay, moving on.

Color Blindness Test by EnChroma

EnChroma just released an app called Color Blindness Test that does exactly what you think. It administers a basic test that will tell you if you’re color blind or not.

There’s not much to the app, especially when you first start it up. You can begin a new test, view previous results, read more information about color blindness and of course see the basic information about the app.

Did you know that Color Blindness is also called CVD, for Color Vision Deficiency? CVD. That sure sounds like a Venereal disease doesn’t it?

According to the app, approximately 8% of males and 1% of females suffer from red-green color blindness. Furthermore, about 25% of females carry the recessive gene for red-green color blindness on the X-chromosome.

What exactly is red-green color blindness though? It refers to the inability to distinguish certain colors like red, yellow, orange, green, pink and purple.

After breezing through the test, I found out that I have perfectly normal vision when it comes to colors, and I also found out that EnChroma wants to sell me a nifty pair of glasses. They look remarkably like a pair of Aviators, and man do I hate Aviators.

If I wanted to wear Aviators, I’d fly planes for a living, or I’d enroll in the Police Academy.

Color Blindness Test by EnChroma Personal Test Results

The test itself is fairly straightforward. The app displays a series of shapes on the screen in different colors, against a shifty backdrop of smaller shapes. You must correctly identify which shape is displayed on the screen. In some cases, you won’t see anything, so then you must appropriately select the “nothing” button.

At the end of the test, you are given your results and then you’re free to go about your business. Of course, if you already know that you’re color blind, this app won’t tell you anything new.

If you fail the test and find out you are color blind, I would do it a couple more times before you unreservedly trust the results. Just by the way that the shapes are displayed, it might be more difficult to make some of them out on different screen types. Samsung’s Super AMOLED screens, for example, are going to be incredibly easy to take this quiz on.

Nevertheless, it’s a pretty neat app to use once or twice. I’m hoping that EnChroma eventually adds online statistics so that you can see how you match up against others that have taken the test in the past. I’d be interested in seeing how many people have better, or worse, color vision than I do.

You can get EnChroma's Color Blindness Test app from the Google Play Store.

Go ahead and share your results below. After all, they do say that sharing is caring. Although, don’t share your Venereal diseases because that’s not so sweet.

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