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Talking Pierre the Parrot

Authored by: Ludwig H. — Nov 5, 2012

Ladies and Germs: most of you will be familiar with Talking Tom, a game that has been downloaded over one million times from the Play Store. Well, Talking Tom has a featherey little friend who's been garnering popularity in his own right. While he may not have (yet) reached the same level of super stardom as his furry big brother (if birds and cats can be related, that is), we thought we'd check out Talking Pierre the Parrot, so read on for more details.



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1.0 Varies with device

Features & Use

Test device: 
-Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.1.2

Talking Pierre is the star of the show, much as Talking Tom is the star of his show. The name of the game is interacting with the parrot in a manner which is either kind or cruel. For instance, you can pet the bird but you can also toss tomatoes at the poor thing. Talking Pierre the Parrot reacts in different ways to the various stimuli. Here's a list of actions that you can perform with him:

  • Pet him: Little hearts will appear: Pierre enjoys this sort of attention!
  • Speak to him: He will repeat whatever you say to him (to the best of his ability).
  • Poke him: You can use his head as a honk and if you poke his belly a cat that looks a lot like Tom will appear and smash Pierre with a pair of cymbals.
  • Press his feet: And he will perform the cowboy dance.
  • Water Faucet: Pierre can splash water around the kitchen.
  • Dishes: Pierre goes happy, festive Greek and begins to smash plates.
  • Tomato: Use this button to throw tomatoes at Pierre.
  • Mixer: Press this button if you're looking for a bit of privacy from Pierre and don't want him to hear what you're saying.

There's also a video feature, meaning you can film Pierre's antics and then broadcast them on YouTube or share them with friends via Email. We found this to be a cute feature and it works very smoothly.

Go to settings to make adjustments, especially if you know that younger users (children) will be playing with Pierre. If this is the case we recommend you switch off the violence featured in the game, or simply switch to the kids' mode.

Bottom line:

Talking Pierre the Parrot is the type of application that can be enjoyed by different types of users, but I'm thinking he'll be popular with children in particular. The parrot is fun, lovable and repeats everything you say to him, which is sure to get a laugh. We also commend the developers for thinking to integrate a kid's mode.


Screen & Controls

Controls are child's play and everyone should be able to figure them out easily enough.

The graphics are pretty good, right down to the details. Nicely done, Talking Pierre the Parrot!


Speed & Stability

Talking Pierre the Parrot runs fast and is stabile but it lagged and wobbled on the Galaxy Nexus on more than one occasion.


Price/Performance Ratio

Talking Pierre the Parrot usually costs EUR 0.79 but seeing as it's our current app of the week you can download it for a cool EUR 0.49, which is a decent enough price.
A free version is also available.



Talking Pierre the Parrot Talking Pierre the Parrot Talking Pierre the Parrot Talking Pierre the Parrot
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