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Task Changer PRO – Better multitasking

Task Changer PRO – Better multitasking

One of the Android perks is its very efficient multitasking system. The landing screen supports widgets and of course when you look beneath the hood you'll find a system that enables multiple apps to run at once, as well as switch quickly back and forth from one app to the next. Despite all of the above, many users are looking for more, more, MORE functionality, and with so many apps to choose from they should be able to find something that satisfies their lust for efficiency.

Task Changer PRO is such an application: it places several “zones” on your screen via which actions can be performed. Find out the details in our review of the day.



Reviewed version Latest version
5.7.0 7.0.2

Features & Use

Test device: Sony XPERIA Active
Android version: 4.0.4
Root: No
Modifications: None

My first impression of Task Changer PRO was that it is basically a task manager—but I was wrong. The app's neatest features are found in the menu. As mentioned briefly in the intro, the main function is placing a number of zones on the display; these zones allow you to the execute the actions you'd like, such as starting up apps, or links for music/playlists.

While all this sounds goo in theory I actually found it relatively tricky to set up in practice. An assistant is available and is meant to help you configure the zones, but I have no idea what actually happened why I attempted to set things up. At first the zones were actually deactivated and I had to go to settings and activate them manually.
The upside to this is that this does present a good opportunity for personalising the zones. For instance, it doesn't make any sense to activate all of the available zones if your device's screen is small. I chose to activate the top zones, assigning them to the camera and WhatsApp.

The zones are outlined per default, making them easy to spot. You can change this setting should you wish to, though I would recommend keeping it when you first start using the app.

Starting actions is nice and simple. You need only swipe across a zone and hey presto!

A few additional gimmicks: a bar shows the current power level and another bar reveals how much storage is left (I found the latter to be totally superfluous). You can alter the positioning and transparency of the bars.

Bottom line:

There are a few very interesting ideas behind Task Changer PRO, but overall I found the user experience to be a bit disappointing, mainly due to controls or rather the app handling which I will elaborate on in the following section. Furthermore, the in-app texts are riddled with mistakes.


Screen & Controls

I already pointed out that I found controls to be less than perfect. You would think that each zone could be set up via a straight-forward, user-friendly menu, but I did not find this to be the case. Instead, you have to muddle your way through 2-3 menus in the settings.

First, you have to select what type of zone you wish to set up, an App or a Shortcut. Next, it's back to the app and then to the menu and then to the Set Short Cuts menu or Set custom Apps. A pretty roundabout way of selecting such a key detail.

The back button is another issue that got my goat, as it sometimes simply closes the app.

Task Changer PRO is well made, but the overall handling of the app is not so great.


Speed & Stability

Task Changer PRO runs smoothly even on lower end devices.


Price/Performance Ratio

Task Changer PRO is free of charge and can be found in the Play Store.



Task Changer PRO – Better multitasking Task Changer PRO – Better multitasking Task Changer PRO – Better multitasking

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