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Taskos To Do List | Task List - Ever wondered what the difference between tacos and tasks might be?

Authored by: Deactivated Account — Apr 17, 2011

Everyone knows how to make tacos, right? Take a tortilla shell, stuff it with veg, meat (for those of you who are so inclined), dribble a bit of sauce over the whole thing, sprinkle some cheese or chopped lettuce—voilà! If only managing your daily chores and duties could be as simple… life could be so easy. Read today’s test review and find out if Taskos To Do List | Task List can effectively help you organise your days.


Reviewed version Latest version
2.11 2.18

Features & Use

Welcome, dear Android PIT readers, to an installment of "Yet another Task List". Glad to see that you're still with us. Yes, there are a LOT of Task Lists and organisational tools out there, and more keep popping up, Taskos To Do List | Task List being one of the newest arrivals. There’s a lot to choose from; developers seem keen to come p with apps that will help users manage theirs tasks, appointments and whatnot.

Categorising, priotitising and reminders for professionals

Okay, I have to confess that Taskos has absolutely nothing to do with tacos. I hope you’ll forgive the corny intro, but the app’s name did make me think of the delicious little Mexican treat.

Taskos can help you create categories that will help you classify your tasks. You can create as many as you like, as well as install reminders. Another pro-feature perk is that you can create call appointments. By calling the task ‘Call’ and inserting the name of the person you wish to call, the Android app will display a call button next to the task allowing you to make the call via the telephone app.

“So, what’s going through your head at the moment?” – “I have to pick up some groceries, laundry detergent, oh, and the kids from school…”

Google Voice Search has revolutionised just about every app. Taskos also provides you with the option to use Voice Search to enter your tasks. Simply tap on the icon and say which tasks you want to see on your list. You can edit whatever has appeared on your list, or else start over from the beginning. Tasks that are entered using Voice Search will, however, always show up in the General category, which is why Voice Search is useful for, well, general things but not if you want to add lots of details and specificities to a task; for those instances it’s still more effective to enter tasks by hand.

Sync it up! Google Tasks and Taskos

Though Taskos tries to be on the same level as Google Tasks it doesn’t quite manage. The Google Tasks lists seem to be the main issue. It is possible to import tasks from Google, but the result is standard lists, and not whatever carefully crafted system you had come up with.

Security: better safe than sorry!

Google provides two services named OAuth and AuthSub as protection options for its services. These allow users to access Google services without having to grant third party access to their Google data. Unfortunately, Taskos doesn’t provide these options; what it offers instead is the option to enter your personal data in a bar within the app. Now, although this only constitutes a security breach in rare cases, users who are very aware of security may lament the fact that the above mentioned services are missing…

Welcome to widget-mania!
Taskos comes with two very good widgets which help simplify controls considerably. The 1x4 widget gives you an overview of your tasks and lets you create new tasks quickly and without much hassle, including via Voice Search. The larger 4x4 widget fills up your whole homescreen and hence has quite a lot to offer.

Bottom line & alternatives:

There are a LOT of alternatives, as well as a lot of GOOD alternatives. It all boils down to personal preferences in the end, but here’s a quick list of options: Evernote, GTasks, Astrid. A lot of task managers can do everything that Taskos can do, some of the apps can do more than Taskos. That being said, if it sounds like Taskos provides all the functions you are looking for in a task manager, and you’re partial to good, solid, simple controls, this may be just the app for you.


• Creating tasks is easy and efficient
• Voice Search
• Call feature
• Categories, prioritising and reminders
• Two great widgets
• Swiping


• Complete syncing with Google Tasks isn’t possible
• Google Account Data has to be entered in the app

Screen & Controls

Taskos To Do List | Task List shows us how it can be done. Controls are absolutely exemplary. Once you’ve completed a task (yahooo!), you can tick it off your list or else mark it as ‚taken care of‘ by swiping from left to right. To undo a ‘taken care of’ swipe simply swipe back from right to left.

Easy Handling

Although the controls are brilliantly simple, there are quite a few features that I thought of which could’ve been included. Tasks always start off in the General category, which is a pain as you then have to move them and adjust settings. Drag’n’Drop would a great feature for moving apps around from one category to the next: that would really sweeten the deal, though I’m not saying that this – missing – feature is essential.


Speed & Stability

Taskos To Do List | Task List ran very well throughout the testing phase and there weren’t any crashes.

Price/Performance Ratio

Taskos To Do List | Task List can be downloaded for free from the Google Market or the AndroidPIT App Center.


Taskos To Do List | Task List - Ever wondered what the difference between tacos and tasks might be? Taskos To Do List | Task List - Ever wondered what the difference between tacos and tasks might be? Taskos To Do List | Task List - Ever wondered what the difference between tacos and tasks might be? Taskos To Do List | Task List - Ever wondered what the difference between tacos and tasks might be?

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