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Tasks -- Google Tasks For Android

The million dollar idea (or almost) is when you recognise that there's a gap in the market and then create an app to fill that gap. In many cases, this results in unofficial apps for official versions of services for Android. Take Google Tasks, for example. Why isn't there an official GTasks app? Anyway, rather than whinge about this, we decided to check out Tasks, an unofficial app with a five star Google Play rating. More details below.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.3.1 1.5.3

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy S3
Android version: 4.0.4
Root: Yes
Mods: None

Start up Tasks and you will be guided through settings by an assistant, though there isn't much to do at this stage. Google permissions have to be accepted and Bob's your uncle. If you've got more than one Google account on your device, you can add them all.

The main list shows current tasks which you can also tick off as taken care of (they're barred out once you do, or else they can be deleted entirely).
The task order can also be adjusted—simply use your finger to move the cursor which in turn pushes tasks up or down. Another alternative is to set tasks to be displayed according to their due dates. Due dates are displayed within the list beneath the task titles (should your tasks have titles, that is).

Swipe from left to right to check out other lists. Should you have a lot of them, you can use the bar at the top to jump to a specific one. Use the menu to manage lists, i.e. create new lists, rename or delete them. There's also an option to share lists, which are then transformed into text format.

New tasks can be added, as can details such as a title, notes, due date and the list to which you wish to assign a task. 

You will receive a notification whenever a due date has been reached. If you're running on Android 4.1 and up you will even be able to tick off tasks from within the notification itself.

A scrollable widget can be placed on the homescreen, and it can be used to access the app as well as create new tasks. A practical widget for lockscreen is available for devices running on Android 4.2 and up.

As for settings options: a dark theme is available, you can switch off the signature when sharing and the stock reminder can be modified. Every Google account can be set individually, and you may determine the interval for syncing lists.

Bottom line:

Tasks is a useful and intuitive solution for Google Tasks users. It's easy to use and has all the features one might hope for, as well as some extra features such as an option for sharing lists and a support for multiple accounts.


Screen & Controls

It's very difficult to find fault with Tasks in this category. The UI has that great, sleek Android 4.0 Holo look to it that's simultaneously chic and easy to use.

A context menu harbours secondary features, whereas there are buttons for the most important features.

The app is also adapted specifically for tablet use as well as for various display sizes.


Speed & Stability

Tasks loads quickly and didn't crash during our test runs.


Price/Performance Ratio

The full version of Tasks costs only one Euro, which is totally decent. There's also a free version if you're not feeling extravagant; the free version will display ads after 10 days.



Tasks -- Google Tasks For Android Tasks -- Google Tasks For Android Tasks -- Google Tasks For Android Tasks -- Google Tasks For Android Tasks -- Google Tasks For Android

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