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Tasks To Do Free, To-Do List

Tasks To Do Free, To-Do List

Everyone has a lot of work to do and sometimes it can be a variety of things. Sometimes you forget something you were supposed to be doing, which could have lasting effects. But this doesn't need to be! Tasks To Do Free, To-Do List is here to help bring order back into your chaotic life of tasks to get done. Whether it works will be exposed in today’s app test review!


Reviewed version Latest version
2.3.3 2.7.2

Features & Use

Tasks To Do Free, To-Do List's main menu is a simple task list. Just in case you haven't added any tasks yet, you can do this with the plus symbol in the bottom left corner. On top of that, you'll have to choose a title, a category from the 10 available ones, a priority, a due date and an optional repetition rate. You can also set alarms for certain tasks. Each listed duty has a status of either ''not started'', ''started'', ''waiting'' and ''finished''. You can also set the start status in the settings, as well as add a memo. If you press on the right or on the check marks, the tasks from your list will be added.

If you want to save some time, you can add tasks by voice command, simply press on the respective button in the main menu, which directly starts the recording. I found it too bad that only the titles and memos can be added by voice command.

Back in the task list, you'll find that each memo has a respective status, a category, as well as a memo. The due date is shown in the top right side of the screen and is presented in red. You can change the status of your task by simply pressing on the symbol of the current status.

If you have many tasks to get done and your list gets hard to manage, you can also choose another sorting method, within a total of 13 different types found in the main menu. You can choose to display only certain tasks or categories with a certain status. I would have been a good idea to have different tabs where each category is shown. It would've made it a lot faster to navigate between sections.

If all of these sorting options aren't enough, you can also search for each task. I found it good that you can search for your task by typing in the memo.

In the menu, you'll find a few smaller functions, as well as the settings. They are sorted into three categories: ''Display'', ''Alarm settings'' and ''Standard task entry''.

In the display settings, you can choose which day should be the first of the week, whether memos will be shown completely, as well as where and if you want to use the tiled view.

You can choose within the alarm settings, in which way you would like to be informed about the tasks that need to be done. In the settings for standard task entry, you can set which category your tasks should belong to, as well as which status should be active and when the due date should be.

Bottom Line

Tasks To Do Free, To-Do List is a good app that allows you to organize your tasks. This app stands out by its good sorting options. The app also looks pleasing to the eye, but more about that in the next section.

Screen & Controls

Tasks To Do Free, To-Do List is the usual holo look, which is complemented with nice colors. These give a good overview of your tasks, without being too chaotic. The many small functions are well organized and easy to find.

Speed & Stability

Tasks To Do Free, To-Do List worked fast and was stable.

Price/Performance Ratio

Tasks To Do Free, To-Do List is a free app is is available in the App Center.


Tasks To Do Free, To-Do List Tasks To Do Free, To-Do List Tasks To Do Free, To-Do List Tasks To Do Free, To-Do List

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