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Tasks To Do Pro,  To-Do List : Keeping Things Organized
App review 4 min read 3 comments

Tasks To Do Pro, To-Do List : Keeping Things Organized

On some days keeping track of everything is a real challenge, and balancing office time and family time requires a fair bit of coordinating. Smartphones are designed to help make this type of thing that much easier by providing users with a portable, virtual to-do list via which they might structure and plan their daily activities and obligations.

Tasks To Do Pro, To-Do List is one of many apps that promises to do just that. Read on to find out if we were convinced by this app's performance.



Reviewed version Latest version
2.1 2.7.2

Features & Use

Tasks To Do Pro, To-Do List makes a good impression right off the bat: the app's UI is clutter-free and feels intuitive thanks to its sleek design and setup.

In my mind to-do lists are tools that should bring about or at least facilitate a better overview of upcoming events, chores and obligations, rather than confuse users and slow them done. This means to-do lists should be fast and easy to use—and that's exactly where Tasks To Do Pro, To-Do List scores big points, because fast and easy to use it is.

Tasks To Do Pro, To-Do List is a classic kind of to-do app, which is why I will spare you the trouble of having to read through yet another play-by-play account of how it functions. In a nutshell: the user writes down tasks, adds a due-time and due-date and can then either check the app when they need reminding of what's on or else have their smartphone notify them of things.
What interested me when it came to Tasks To Do Pro, To-Do List is how efficient it is when it comes to fine tuning. Does it allow users to personalise without becoming too muddled and confusing? In other words, does the app's functionality reflect the same ease of use as its design?

To make things short, the answer to the above questions is yes on both counts. Tasks can be sorted and filtered any number of ways thanks to the app's rudimentary settings, certain events can be highlighted or else not displayed and lists can be sorted according to categories. Granted, all this is to be expected from any half-baked to-do app.

What's really interesting when it comes to Tasks To Do Pro, To-Do List is that it affords users with good options when it comes to each individual task. Tasks can be given names or titles, comments can be added and what's more this fairly standard feature is improved thanks to a speech input option. The app harbours a bunch more options than some of the market favourites, such as Any.Do. More settings options: setting a task's priority, due date, notification alarm and more.
Which leads us to a few drawbacks. For instance, complex alarm patterns aren't possible, nor is integrating lists to the Google Calendar.

However, it is possible to sync with Google Tasks, which is a definite bonus.

Bottom line:

Tasks To Do Pro, To-Do List provides users with a simple but relatively potent and well connected option to setup and organise to-dos. In some cases ease and comfort of use trumps intricate design and this is certainly one them.

The drawbacks as I see them are that there's no option for integrating the Google Calendar and that it isn't possible to set up more sophisticated alarm notification patterns. The fact that the app otherwise performs beautifully when it comes to syncing with Google servers makes up for this to some extent.


Screen & Controls

In this category Tasks To Do Pro, To-Do List shows how much potential can be found in Android design guidelines. The UI is clean, sleek and functional and fits with the overall Android aesthetic.

Some of the more comfort-orientated features such as a dark theme for AMOLED displays or 'quitting' tasks via swipe are not (yet?) implemented, preventing us from awarding this app a full five star rating.


Speed & Stability

Tasks To Do Pro, To-Do List performed very well throughout our test runs, including syncing to Google servers. Absolutely no problems to report on this front.


Price/Performance Ratio

Tasks To Do Pro, To-Do List costs EUR 3.79 and can be downloaded from the AndroidPIT App Center and Google Play. It is free of ads and considering its sleek UI and great performance we feel this price is fair.

As our app of the week Tasks To Do Pro, To-Do List is available for EUR 1.89 for this week only!



Tasks To Do Pro,  To-Do List : Keeping Things Organized Tasks To Do Pro,  To-Do List : Keeping Things Organized Tasks To Do Pro,  To-Do List : Keeping Things Organized Tasks To Do Pro,  To-Do List : Keeping Things Organized Tasks To Do Pro,  To-Do List : Keeping Things Organized


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  • jon Aug 8, 2012 Link to comment

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  • Danny Jul 17, 2012 Link to comment

    Spot on Timothy! Gtasks is simple and easy to use, and its free. Unfortunately, the new look just doesn't suit me. So, I have to stay on the older version 0.9.9.
    I've tried several similar apps, but Gtasks seems to suit me best. Too bad about the new look.

  • Very nice offer, it's just that I already installed GTasks, and find that a very suitable - free - app.
    Both apps have their own way of thinking about managing tasks, so if GTasks is nothing for you, this is an app to try definately try out!