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Temple Run: Oz - the best Temple Run game?

Temple Run: Oz - the best Temple Run game?

You are an avid jump and run player, who is already a fan of the Temple Run series? Then Temple Run: Oz is exactly the right game for you! Which aspects make this Temple Run sequel a good game and whether it will fulfill your expectations will be exposed in today's app test review!


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.2 1.7.0

Features & Use

I find the Temple Run games fascinating: it's a very simple game idea, with demanding tasks. The goal of the game is to escape someone who is chasing you while you race down an obstacle course. You need to run, turn sharp corners, duck and jump. This is achieved by swiping your finger in the right direction across the screen. The only automatic thing that Oz does is make your character run. The steering is explained to you at the beginning of the game.

As soon as you've started the game, you can get right to running like a champ or to go the menu. There are 9 options:

1: The store: Power-ups, skills, tools and coins can be bought here.

Power-ups: These will improved your game performance. For example, you can use a magnet power-up to collect money as you run.

Skills: These will also improve your performance. One example of this is that a coin's worth will be doubled after completing a certain track. You need to spend money in the store in order to acquire these skills. Then to use them in the game, you need to provide a jewel at the beginning of each level.

Tools: Yet again something that will be an advantage for your playing. For example you can skip over a shorter tracks when Oz is transported by a helper. You can buy as many tools as you can afford. The amount is shown in a small box. If you use the tool once, the availability number in the box goes down to 1. Once you buy more, the number obviously goes up.

Coins: You can buy these with real money, in order to acquire game money or jewels.

2: Challenges: There are challenges that you can complete in order to climb to the next level. If you get to a better level, you receive a bonus, like a better money multiplicator.

3: High score list: Here you can compete with your friends to see who did the best.

4: The World of Oz: Various Oz worlds can be activated, like the dark forest for example. When you are running along, a sign will appear with an arrow pointing towards the dark forest. Once you take this route, there will be a bar, which fills up as you run the track. Once it is full, the screen gets brighter and a road with coins appears before you until the screen has turned completely white. This repeats one more time,then the game goes back to normal. The nature surrounding you has now changed and turned dark and gloomy, but the game goes on as usual.

5:Free (Gratis): Here you can download games for the money from Temple Run Oz.

6: Coins: You can load up on these in the store and the same thing happens as described above.

7: Settings: General settings are found here, like adjusting the volume, as well as reading conditions of use and information protection.

Once the game is actually started, you will see a pause button in the bottom right corner. On top of this are the tools, which you can use while the games is running. In the top right corner, you will see the number of points and the amount of collected coins. After 250 meters, the top part of the screen will be blurred out to show how far you've ran. The skills ring is located in the top left corner. When you've filled up with coins, you can utilize your skills by tapping twice on the screen. In the bottom left corner you'll see your skills, which you put into practice by spending jewels. After a while, your tools and skills display will go away. They reappear when you start running.

While running, you can collect coins, as well as power-up coins in certain spots. These help you with your performance, giving you tools like a magnet for example. What's more, keys can also be gathered. These are used at the end of the game to unlock a game clock and get bonus points. You'll be presented with a tool or a better multiplicator.

Hot air balloons also appear during the game. If you run in their direction and jump, you can land on them. By tipping your smartphone left and right, steer the balloon and try to collect coins. Be careful, there are obstacles! If you end up running into one, you might crash. At the end of your flight, you go back down to earth and keep on running!

The biggest change from past Temple Runs are the new tracks. For example, the ground will break right in front of your character, or the track isn't all it appears to be or trees will collapse, blocking your path. Here you have to put your reaction skills to the test. If you are always on your guard, you can avoid these difficulties!

Oz runs slowly at the beginning and speeds up as the game goes on. This also puts your good reaction skills to test.

Bottom Line:

Temple Run: Oz is a very well-done version of Temple Run 2, which I also really like. Since the difficulty level has gone up with this one, it offers fans a new and exciting game.

Screen & Controls

The graphics in Temple Run: Oz are really good, even better than Temple Run 2. The menu is clearly set up and everything is easy to operate. You can easily get through this game, without asking for help. The steering in this game is also really simple.

Speed & Stability

The Temple Run: Oz app ran quickly and smoothly. The game didn't freeze while I was playing it.

Price/Performance Ratio

Temple Run: Oz costs .75 euros. This price is more than OK for this game. It's great to be able to pay less than 1 euro for a simple, yet well-made game. The game's simple idea makes it very easy for the player to learn and is in no way boring. With Temple Run: Oz, you can test out your reaction skills and always improve and grow. This is a great game for learning and to kill boredom, in which I would gladly invest 75 cents.


Temple Run: Oz - the best Temple Run game? Temple Run: Oz - the best Temple Run game? Temple Run: Oz - the best Temple Run game? Temple Run: Oz - the best Temple Run game? Temple Run: Oz - the best Temple Run game?

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