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Tentacle Wars

Authored by: Bernhardt Fischer — May 28, 2013

Do you still remember the computer game “Spore”? This presented the entire evolution of a life form in 5 various phases where the user could create its own race. The beginning starts of course in the cell phase where the user starts off as a bacteria and can only be seen with a very powerful microscope. Tentacle Wars now represents a battle of cells and isn't completely illogical. Whether this game is fun to play will be exposed in today's app test review.


Reviewed version Latest version
2.0.7 2.0.17

Features & Use

Test Device: Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100G)
Android Version: 4.1.2
Root: no
As of version: 2.2

Tentacle Wars is a game based precisely on the ''conflict'' between the various cells in the very early stages of evolutionary development. Although the game isn't based completely on ecological truth, this doesn't reduce the game in any way.

The player finds themselves in an alien organism. The present cells do not multiply by division but grow in that the tentacles extend further and further. Energy points flow through these tentacles and show specific numbers. But what is this all about?

You need to battle against invaders which is represented as some sort of bad cell. Whether you can conquer these bad cells all depends on your own strength. The goal is to get to neutral cells faster than bad entities, in order to capture these and get stronger. Once you've accumulated enough strength, you're able to encircle the enemy cells to continue to secure other neutral cells. The fun of the game is due especially to the dense atmosphere. The menu is very well done and the music is a mix between classic clear tones and funkier and slightly faster music.

There are a total of 80 cool levels to play and these make for quite a few hours of fun. In the worlds further into the game, there's a lot required of the player and they need to really get into it. I personally really liked the online mode that made 1 to 1 game play quickly possible. Unfortunately, there aren't any filters so that each player can take on anyone, no matter how experienced or how many games they've won.

One point to criticize is the in-game shop which is really out of place in a paid app. Although this isn't absolutely necessary, levers later on in the game get harder and players can increase their advantage by actually spending money.

Bottom Line

''Tentacle Wars'' is an new and innovative game that offers a lot of fun. With its 80 games, the single player mode isn't quite the milestone, yet it does ensure quite a few hours of entertainment. One of the more positive sides of the game was the Online mode, though it still isn't quite mature yet. This really added to the overall app. All in all, this is a great game to pass the time, no more, no less.

Screen & Controls

Tentacle Wars pulls the player into the story and creates a really cool atmosphere that's a lot of fun. The menus and bars work very well with the overall picture and the controls were intuitive and easy to use.  

Speed & Stability

The app worked smoothly the entire time and without any delays. Though Tentacle Wars doesn't offer out of this world graphics, it does have a great overall picture. It also didn't crash once.

Price/Performance Ratio

Tentacle Wars costs $2.04 in the Google Play Store. For 80 levels and a great online mode, this price is OK. The downside is it's in-game shop that thankfully isn't necessary. Here I will only give it 3 stars.


Tentacle Wars Tentacle Wars
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