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Tesla allegedly pressures employees to help with car delivery
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Tesla allegedly pressures employees to help with car delivery

Tesla is happy about great sales figures, especially for the Model 3, and production is running at full speed. However, this is resulting in difficulties elsewhere, because Elon Musk's company has problems delivering the vehicles. The company now wants its employees to help.

A letter allegedly sent by Senior Vice President Sanjay Shah to Tesla's department heads, which Business Insider received calls for seeking volunteers to help with vehicle delivery: "We need your help to move forward in the search for volunteers," Shah said in the mail, "We have to deliver 30,000 more cars in the next 15 days, so Tesla can produce enough cars, but there are problems getting them to the customers." (Note: quote has been translated from the original source, which is in German)

The company did not wish to comment on the matter. However, a spokesperson told Business Insider that employees were free to help with the delivery of Tesla cars. They were not obligated to do it.

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The next Tesla car is the Model Y. / © Sierra Circuits

Tesla is becoming a "logistics hell"

Half a year ago, Elon Musk already said that the company had changed from a production hell to a logistics hell. Employees have previously helped with the delivery of Tesla cars on several occasions, sometimes going on journeys of three hours and using a Uber to get home - after working hours, mind you.

Business Insider quotes an employee who doesn't want their name mentioned as saying: "We all went along with it because we want to see the company succeed. We did it for our job security and for the company."

The current example shows once again the difficulties a newcomer in the car market faces - there are more challenges than just the development of a good vehicle. Reliable planning and logistics are also required, spare parts supply even more. Building all this takes time and sometimes requires unorthodox methods - as Tesla has done once again.

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